Thursday, June 26, 2008

Take Your Bill And Shove It

The reason I am back in NY state is because I crashed in to a major depression when I was living in Panama City Beach, FL. So my boyfriend (who is from FL) moved back with me to NY where I felt safer being at that point in time.

When I was still in Panama City, FL I started throwing up and not eating well I assume from the depression. Well after about eight days of this I threw up and some blood came up. This concerned me and after debating it and being scared I went to Bay Medical Center.

While where they did blood work to check my liver, and electrolytes. I got an injection of pepcid and an IV because they said I was dehydrated. The nurse who was trying to start my IV did it three times and still couldn't get a vein. For a needle/blood phobic this is not cool. I told her to get someone else to do it. Then a guy came in and got it right away. This other nurse who gave me a shot of pepcid (which I had never had before and was nervous about it) while she was injecting it into my vein said "ohhhhh God.....your sooooo phobic." It's like bitch shut the hell up. Of course I was too ill and freaked out to yell at her which I normally would have done. Medical professional who have no bedside manner have no business working with the public.

So that was it except the wise advice from the doctor to take paxil even if I am still drinking alcohol (I was still drinking at that time and had some generic paxil which I never ended up taking) Oh and when I told her how much I was drinking she said "thats everyone in Bay County." So I guess Bay County FL is full of drunks.

So I get the bill and ignore it because I have no money and no health insurance (and Bay Medical Center refused to lower it). I get bills from some collection agency all the time (Collection Bureau Medical Accounts Administration). Here is the bill:

"Creditor Owed
Bay Medical Center/2 $857.84 (that is for the blood work)
Bay Medical Center/2 $2075.51 (that is for the IV, pepcid and wisdom)

We have tried to collect this account in a courteous friendly manner, that being part of our policy. Our efforts, however, have failed to secure your cooperation. Further neglect on your part can only make matters worse. It is the policy of this office to report unpaid accounts to the 3 major credit reporting agencies, which could impair your ability to obtain credit.

Frankly, we would like to know if you intend to pay this!

If your answer is "yes" you must contact the person name at the bottom of this letter within three (3) days to discuss this account. If no response is made by you, we will assume you do not intend to pay this debt, and will process with necessary collection efforts as allowed by current law.

If you wish to pay by Visa or Mastercard, complete the credit card information on the reverse side of this letter. If you carry any insurance that may cover this obligation, fill out the information on the reverse side and return the entire form in the enclosed envolope.

This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose. This communication is from a debt collector.


Karen Barfield"

Well Karen "frankly" no I won't be paying this debt nor responding to your letter.

Seriously I called Bay Medical after I got their bill and they refused to lower it. I have no job, no health insurance and sorry but I don't have a spare $3,000 laying around. I have been denied medicaid so oh well. I am not worried about ruining my credit since that is already completely destroyed. Just add it to the list Karen.

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