Tuesday, June 24, 2008

More questions

1. If you could be reincarnated, what animal would you come back as?

Hmmm that is hard because if I had to come back I wanted to be a plant. As an animal I guess a water snail.

2. What is your personal motto?

Until you asked I never realized I didn't have one. Maybe learn as much as you can.

3. What country would you most like to visit and why?

Germany to see the concentration camps.

4. If you could live at any time in history, (as a middle class person), when would you choose? (including future)

This is so hard to answer because I include medical knowledge of that time. I guess the future around the year 10000 and hope for the best.

5. What is your favorite sound?

Sound of a campaign glass breaking on a stone floor.

6. What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

surviving my lung surgery

7. What is your greatest virtue?


8. What is the greatest act of kindness you have seen in real life?

I never have seen it in real life. Maybe someone lending a dime or helping someone up who fell. I can think of things I have done in real life.

9. Assuming one exists, what would you want the "afterlife" to be?

Calm, no pain, people I like around me and still be able to learn. I guess the good things that happen on earth and the things I was robbed of in part because of my illness.

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