Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Update

In case anyone was concerned I just wanted to let people know that a few hours ago my heart rate sitting dropped back into the low 80s, which is better than 120's to 130's sitting. I feel a lot better than I did over the past 36 hours. Standing is still an issue, but it will resolve and go back to its normal high self.

I was able to eat a bit more today. I went a full 24 hours on only fluids because for some reason it was like my digestive system was just off. I have had that happen before, esp. last year.

So basically I am feeling better and as it stands right now no need to have to worry about going back to an ER.

I did drink a gallon of Gatorade yesterday and water. Today I had 64 oz of Gatorade and some salty pretzels to keep the fluid in me. Hopefully that helped to lower my heart rate.

I swear it is so strange I am sick and then I am SICK. I think how I feel when I say I feel OK would send someone else to the ER. It is amazing what you can get use to. Either way I carry on from here. Lets hope I get a break for a bit hehe.

Thanks everyone who emailed me, tweeted me, and messaged. It means a lot esp. when I I feel like that.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Was back in the ER

After being sick all night and a pulse rate of 155 and not dropping below 120 I went to the ER this morning.

It was a giant waste of time. I did the EKG and it was sinus tachycardia. I explained what goes on and such. I was being treated like a neurotic. I stayed calm. I was told I was dehydrated and I explained how much I drink. It was blown off like I didn't know. OK fine I stayed calm.

I said before you draw my blood can you start an IV or it will make me sicker. (I know from experience that when I am like I am today my heart rate goes even higher and I get bad anxiety from it) She got an attitude and said "I am only taking a little" (6 vials).I said "I know to you it is a little, but I know my body and it will make me sicker". "Well I can leave the line in and if the doctor wants an IV I can add it" I said I will wait till you talk to the doctor about the IV and we can do the blood then" She got all huffy with this attitude.

I unplugged myself from the machines. Told her "I have had enough attitude over the past 16 months of this. I know what I am talking about, so this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it makes a giant difference in how it will effect my body."

She left and within 3 mins a doctor came in because I was leaving. I asked him if it was sinus tachycardia? He said "Yes". That he would have given me the IV bag. I said "I know that is why I asked for one before my blood draw". He said if I wanted blood work I could. I said "What will you test for? He said "Thyroid, electrolytes, CBC". I asked if they could run something else with it. He said no just standard. I said they will come back normal or slightly low on potassium like all the other times. And I told him I have a chest xray every year, since he was going to do that as well..

I expressed my desire to just be admitted so I could get all this out of the way and how sick I have been and unable to get place to place ect ect . He said because of my age and symptoms they wouldn't admit me.

He listened to my heart rate and said "You are very tachycardic." I told him my thyroid was 2.5 last time I checked and he said "is that normal? I don't remember the normal range." So I had to tell the doctor the normal range of the hormone.

I left. My paper says "No strenuous activity" "avoid heat" "follow up with a primary care doctor and cardiology this week" "come back if necessary". Diagnosis "Palpitations with sinus tachycardia".

At least it was sinus tachycardia and not supraventricular tachycardia that is why I went because it was getting too high and wanted to make sure.

Positive note: The two young girl techs who did my EKG were very nice.

Pic I snapped before the ER visit this morning.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its hot out and I am ill

OK so I wanted to show two videos. I am not wanting you to look at the blood pressure. I only am using the blood pressure machine to look at heart rates. The top video is today with me feeling hot (lots of water was consumed today so I am not dehydrated, which people often accuse me of). My heart rate is not only fast, but fluttering.

Second video is a much better day. Lower heart rates sitting, and not as high standing. Yet you can see the difference standing when a normal heart rate increases by 5 to 10 beats while standing. Because of YouTube time issues I couldn't keep going on the second video to show how it would continue to go into the 120's+

Keep in mind it is so much more than the heart rates you see. My whole body is sick and I feel like I am dying half the time during it. It drains all my energy. Also keep in mind I do have a/c on. Another reason I am not having you look at the blood pressure and only the heart rate is because you have to take breaks between blood pressure readings. I have no other way to show my pulse.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A good day, pre-detox and books

I have been reading 3 books. I tend to read a few at a time, so I don't lose interest. When I get tired of one I pick up the next. One book was mailed to me from an online friend in California.

"The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell

"The Messengers: A True Story of Angelic Presence and the Return to the Age of Miracles" by Julia Ingram

Stopping Inflammation: Relieving the Cause of Degenerative Diseases" by Nancy, Ph.D. Appleton

I have still been doing a pre-detox and assume very soon I can start. I think I have allowed by body enough time to get use to all the fiber I have been adding. It seems to now be handling it with little issue at all.

I hardly hear from my parents anymore and I have stopped calling. After reaching out repeatedly for help and being rejected (that is the very short story of it all) I sent a letter saying I can't do it anymore. That I love them both, but after years of issues I can not continue to do it. That anytime they want to talk to me I am here. Feel free to call and I am not mad. The letter of course said a lot more than that. I sent it in mid May. Some of you I shared that letter with. I do not have the energy to continue to argue with them... I don't feel well enough. I have never been selfish. By that I mean I have always helped everyone in my life at the expense of myself. I am not willing to do that anymore. At least right now till I can get help or help myself.

On a good note when my mother did call she told me that her physical therapy is done with. She still has a lot of bowel issues from the chemo she did. So far the scans keep coming back clear, so no cancer is seen. This of course will have to be watched, but so far so good. I am happy about that.

Today it is nice out. Nice for me anyway. The temp. is only 65 degrees and I have the windows open. I don't have to run the a/c and beside my normally fast heart rate it is not excessive from the heat. I slept well too. My stomach was queasy for a few hours after I woke up, but nothing too big to deal with compared to how bad I can get. So it is a good day.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre Detox

Rules of my up coming detox that I would like to do for myself:

It will be 100% dairy free and Grain free except rice. Meat is allowed (Only as a small portion, mainly seafood [I do not believe in meat free because it is a b12 source]). Nothing processed. I thought about not doing any grain, but I am not so sure my body could handle that at this point, but it will be limited. Also the guilty pleasure will be that it will be white rice because I can not really stand and watch brown rice cooking that long, not to mention it will warm up my apartment boiling that long. Boil in bag white rice will do just fine for now.

I am not even sure when I will start, but I have been doing a pre-detox for a week now. Getting my body use to the massive amounts of fruits and vegetables I am adding.

Here is what I have since I woke up at 7pm tonight. It is now 9pm.

I find blending things with water makes it go in faster and in larger amounts. Cleaning the blender is easier than cleaning my juicer (which I am sure will be used too)

I have had in 2 hours:
a cup of strawberries
5 pitted dates
small box of raisins
cup of broccoli
cup of brussle sprouts
Carrot juice
cup of cherry tomatoes

before I went to bed this afternoon I had a banana, 5 pitted dates and 5 prunes.

At this point I am still eating some processed foods and have been having some products with cheese. That will be dropped soon. I am going to measure my calcium intake from the foods I eat and if I fall too short I have a calcium pill I can take (dairy free source).

Like I said I am not sure when I will decide the right day will be to start 100%, but when I do I will title a post "Detox day 1" and I would like to do it for 28 days. I will also post how many minutes I was on the treadmill and at what speed and if I couldn't that day why. Also if I have to cheat and eat something that will be posted too.

I really want people to see how hard I am trying to fix what is wrong and at this point I only have time to wait before I am not able to see a doctor. I can't travel around in the heat at all. I get dizzy easy as well (a little dizzy feeling as I write this even) it comes and goes.

I will say this. Taking in all these foods starting my "pre-detox" my heart is still very fast. Last night from 3am to 6am it was very bad. However that being said my skin looks great haha.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Brittany Murphy, Dysautonomia, Her Brother

Brittany Murphy, Dysautonomia, Her Brother