Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pre Detox

Rules of my up coming detox that I would like to do for myself:

It will be 100% dairy free and Grain free except rice. Meat is allowed (Only as a small portion, mainly seafood [I do not believe in meat free because it is a b12 source]). Nothing processed. I thought about not doing any grain, but I am not so sure my body could handle that at this point, but it will be limited. Also the guilty pleasure will be that it will be white rice because I can not really stand and watch brown rice cooking that long, not to mention it will warm up my apartment boiling that long. Boil in bag white rice will do just fine for now.

I am not even sure when I will start, but I have been doing a pre-detox for a week now. Getting my body use to the massive amounts of fruits and vegetables I am adding.

Here is what I have since I woke up at 7pm tonight. It is now 9pm.

I find blending things with water makes it go in faster and in larger amounts. Cleaning the blender is easier than cleaning my juicer (which I am sure will be used too)

I have had in 2 hours:
a cup of strawberries
5 pitted dates
small box of raisins
cup of broccoli
cup of brussle sprouts
Carrot juice
cup of cherry tomatoes

before I went to bed this afternoon I had a banana, 5 pitted dates and 5 prunes.

At this point I am still eating some processed foods and have been having some products with cheese. That will be dropped soon. I am going to measure my calcium intake from the foods I eat and if I fall too short I have a calcium pill I can take (dairy free source).

Like I said I am not sure when I will decide the right day will be to start 100%, but when I do I will title a post "Detox day 1" and I would like to do it for 28 days. I will also post how many minutes I was on the treadmill and at what speed and if I couldn't that day why. Also if I have to cheat and eat something that will be posted too.

I really want people to see how hard I am trying to fix what is wrong and at this point I only have time to wait before I am not able to see a doctor. I can't travel around in the heat at all. I get dizzy easy as well (a little dizzy feeling as I write this even) it comes and goes.

I will say this. Taking in all these foods starting my "pre-detox" my heart is still very fast. Last night from 3am to 6am it was very bad. However that being said my skin looks great haha.


Marie said...

So cool!!! I am so wanting to give up dairy to see how I fell. But my gosh that would be hard. I eat cereal every morning and hate soy milk. And my gosh....the amount of cheese I eat ...haha. So cheering for you. :) Funny I just saw this author on The Daily Show. He was talking about our diets and how eating grains and dairy has really messed us up and may be a big cause of the increase of mental illness and some other things. So cool. I plan on reading it.

I am still looking into eating for my blood type. I have to find out what that type is...I have no ate more veggies/fruit today than I think I eat in a whole week. Do french fries count as a veggie? haha.

Brian Underwood said...

Have you tried rice milk or almond milk? I don't like soy milk either. The people who make school lunches... that council actually does count french fries and ketchup as counting towards servings lol.

If you are not an O blood type you are most likely an A. Most people are A in this country. If your parents know their type it can be easy to figure out. Also online you can buy a home tests for blood typing, they are cheap and approved by the FDA, most anyway just check to make sure it is. Your local pharmacy might have the kit as well.