Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, the appointment I made for Oct. 11th at the gastroenterologist was because I had been recommended to this particular doctor by two different people. I have had such bad luck with doctors and this one sounded like she was compassionate according to them.

The last gastroenterologist I saw was cold and snippy. I was not comfortable around her at all, nor did I feel comfortable in any shape or form with her running tests on me. In this particular department I am much more comfortable dealing with a woman for some reason, so that is why the new doctor I made an appointment with was ideal. She was of course a woman and not to far from my house. All the rest of the doctors in her group are men. I think I am put off by men doctors at this point because over the past 18 months they have been down right dismissive and one even just lost it charging up and down the hall throwing shit, but I digress...

So anyway I got this call today from the gastroenterology office I made an appointment with a few weeks ago:

Then don't forget I did call that therapist that was not far from me at all, which was good because even on my sickest of days I could have gotten myself there:

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Symptom List

I was just compiling a symptom list. This is off the top of my head, but there are more I am sure I left out. This is why I can't just dump all this on a doctor all at once.

1) Face randomly goes pale.

2) Feet feel cold sometimes and they are warm when I touch them.

3) Pupils dilate out sometimes.

4) Wake up from sleep because I felt like I was fainting.

5) Mornings soon as I start to wake up my heart can race rapidly for a minute.

6) Blood pooling into my feet and hands while standing (they turn purple).

7) Any drastic weather changes flare my symptoms sometimes severely.

8) About once a month I have a severe spike in symptoms for two to three days.

9) I can not drink milk or often times my heart will race and I will end up vomiting.

10) A full stomach sets off my symptoms.

11) Warm or hot showers have become almost impossible to do comfortably I will be left wore out for hours after and my heart will race more than normal.

12) Heart skips/flips.

13) While standing sometimes I get pressure in my head.

14) While standing I get dizzy spells sometimes like I am in an elevator.

15) Normal stress there is a drastic over response by my body flaring symptoms.

16) I can feel anxiety for no reason at all, like an adrenaline rush. If it is strong enough I will vomit.

17) Some mornings I wake up and my eyes are blood shot and my mouth is dry.

18) I drink fluids all day long more than most people if I don't my symptoms flare.

19) If I don't eat enough salt my symptoms flare.

20) If my a/c unit can not keep up with the heat I can end up in the ER with heart rates in the 130s laying down.

21) High fat foods cause me stomach discomfort and racing heart with chest pressure.

22) Sometimes I have chest pressure anyway.

23) I have severe fatigue even after I slept enough.

24) I can not stay on the same sleep cycle. I cycle around the clock.

25) Other times I experience insomnia.

26) I can have wild blood pressure changes in a minute. example 142/92 to 90/60.

27) Sometimes standing my blood pressure drops, more often it keeps climbing or starts to yo-yo.

28) Heart rate while standing can change rapidly too minute to minute just standing still example 140, 95, 120, 88, 125, 97 ect.

29) I can feel very hot for no reason as well as very cold for no reason.

30) I get low fevers for no reason. It will go to 100 degrees and then 30 mins later be normal or even as low as 96.5

31) My feet sweat sometimes so much my socks feel like I stepped in a puddle besides that often times elsewhere I seem to sweat very little or not at all.

32) Glands under my neck swell to the size of quarters and then the next day will be the size of a pea. They are not painful at all.

33) When I exercise my heart rate is faster than it should be for the amount of work I am doing and can take hours to return to baseline or even a few days. Other times it is normal soon after I stop.

34) Some days I have trouble breathing.

35) Some days when I lean over to pick something up I get chest pressure and my legs and arms can shake.

36) I have issues kneeling down and then standing back up. Sometimes my vision goes black from it for a few second.

37) Sometimes the longer I stay awake the less my symptoms will be.

38) After eating I can experience anxiety for an hour or so.