Thursday, August 12, 2010


So, the appointment I made for Oct. 11th at the gastroenterologist was because I had been recommended to this particular doctor by two different people. I have had such bad luck with doctors and this one sounded like she was compassionate according to them.

The last gastroenterologist I saw was cold and snippy. I was not comfortable around her at all, nor did I feel comfortable in any shape or form with her running tests on me. In this particular department I am much more comfortable dealing with a woman for some reason, so that is why the new doctor I made an appointment with was ideal. She was of course a woman and not to far from my house. All the rest of the doctors in her group are men. I think I am put off by men doctors at this point because over the past 18 months they have been down right dismissive and one even just lost it charging up and down the hall throwing shit, but I digress...

So anyway I got this call today from the gastroenterology office I made an appointment with a few weeks ago:

Then don't forget I did call that therapist that was not far from me at all, which was good because even on my sickest of days I could have gotten myself there:

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