Saturday, June 19, 2010

Its hot out and I am ill

OK so I wanted to show two videos. I am not wanting you to look at the blood pressure. I only am using the blood pressure machine to look at heart rates. The top video is today with me feeling hot (lots of water was consumed today so I am not dehydrated, which people often accuse me of). My heart rate is not only fast, but fluttering.

Second video is a much better day. Lower heart rates sitting, and not as high standing. Yet you can see the difference standing when a normal heart rate increases by 5 to 10 beats while standing. Because of YouTube time issues I couldn't keep going on the second video to show how it would continue to go into the 120's+

Keep in mind it is so much more than the heart rates you see. My whole body is sick and I feel like I am dying half the time during it. It drains all my energy. Also keep in mind I do have a/c on. Another reason I am not having you look at the blood pressure and only the heart rate is because you have to take breaks between blood pressure readings. I have no other way to show my pulse.

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