Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Update

In case anyone was concerned I just wanted to let people know that a few hours ago my heart rate sitting dropped back into the low 80s, which is better than 120's to 130's sitting. I feel a lot better than I did over the past 36 hours. Standing is still an issue, but it will resolve and go back to its normal high self.

I was able to eat a bit more today. I went a full 24 hours on only fluids because for some reason it was like my digestive system was just off. I have had that happen before, esp. last year.

So basically I am feeling better and as it stands right now no need to have to worry about going back to an ER.

I did drink a gallon of Gatorade yesterday and water. Today I had 64 oz of Gatorade and some salty pretzels to keep the fluid in me. Hopefully that helped to lower my heart rate.

I swear it is so strange I am sick and then I am SICK. I think how I feel when I say I feel OK would send someone else to the ER. It is amazing what you can get use to. Either way I carry on from here. Lets hope I get a break for a bit hehe.

Thanks everyone who emailed me, tweeted me, and messaged. It means a lot esp. when I I feel like that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

My name is Madison. I recently just started getting what you are describing. I am currently not taking my valium anymore and am having some withdrawal. I was on about 4mg / day. Thanks for all of your information, and if you have skype let me know, my name on there is madisonaraujo.