Sunday, June 20, 2010

Was back in the ER

After being sick all night and a pulse rate of 155 and not dropping below 120 I went to the ER this morning.

It was a giant waste of time. I did the EKG and it was sinus tachycardia. I explained what goes on and such. I was being treated like a neurotic. I stayed calm. I was told I was dehydrated and I explained how much I drink. It was blown off like I didn't know. OK fine I stayed calm.

I said before you draw my blood can you start an IV or it will make me sicker. (I know from experience that when I am like I am today my heart rate goes even higher and I get bad anxiety from it) She got an attitude and said "I am only taking a little" (6 vials).I said "I know to you it is a little, but I know my body and it will make me sicker". "Well I can leave the line in and if the doctor wants an IV I can add it" I said I will wait till you talk to the doctor about the IV and we can do the blood then" She got all huffy with this attitude.

I unplugged myself from the machines. Told her "I have had enough attitude over the past 16 months of this. I know what I am talking about, so this may not seem like a big deal to you, but it makes a giant difference in how it will effect my body."

She left and within 3 mins a doctor came in because I was leaving. I asked him if it was sinus tachycardia? He said "Yes". That he would have given me the IV bag. I said "I know that is why I asked for one before my blood draw". He said if I wanted blood work I could. I said "What will you test for? He said "Thyroid, electrolytes, CBC". I asked if they could run something else with it. He said no just standard. I said they will come back normal or slightly low on potassium like all the other times. And I told him I have a chest xray every year, since he was going to do that as well..

I expressed my desire to just be admitted so I could get all this out of the way and how sick I have been and unable to get place to place ect ect . He said because of my age and symptoms they wouldn't admit me.

He listened to my heart rate and said "You are very tachycardic." I told him my thyroid was 2.5 last time I checked and he said "is that normal? I don't remember the normal range." So I had to tell the doctor the normal range of the hormone.

I left. My paper says "No strenuous activity" "avoid heat" "follow up with a primary care doctor and cardiology this week" "come back if necessary". Diagnosis "Palpitations with sinus tachycardia".

At least it was sinus tachycardia and not supraventricular tachycardia that is why I went because it was getting too high and wanted to make sure.

Positive note: The two young girl techs who did my EKG were very nice.

Pic I snapped before the ER visit this morning.


Marie said...

Hey! How have you been?

Marie said...

Hey! How have you been?