Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Seizure Fear and LSD

I never had a seizure thank God. I did have a convulsive faint when I passed out from too much alcohol (That is what made me quit drinking in Nov. 2007). Keith thought I had a seizure but it wasn't thank God.

I have had the fear of seizures before that event thought. I really believe the fear of seizures is because I have the fear of fainting and they are very much the same to me. Both I would drop and be out ..so no control. Both carry similar risks of head injury, falling, or death. Like if one had a seizure or fainted on a highway while driving in busy traffic. Seizures carries the risk of brain damage in some cases. Fainting in rare cases can cause death by cardiovascular collapse even in healthy people. (23 reported cases over the years so it is rare) Both would draw unwanted attention to myself. Both would scare me. Because seizures are more unpredictable than fainting I feel a lack of protection from them. Fainting I can assume in certain settings over heated, overdose on alcohol, blood, needles, injury like a broken bone, pain. Seizures seem random to me. I don't like surprises.

When it comes to the serotonin studies what bothered me is there was no connection at all in some cases to depression or anxiety. Other studies there were and others had mixed results. The evidence seems to have been cherry picked. The studies done at universities paid for by the drug companies showed the strongest link (big surprise). Also when placebo was tested against SSRI drugs in several cases the placebo groups did better than the drug itself. I think it was Prozac that was allowed to pick the studies they wanted that showed the drug worked and handed those over to the FDA.

Buspar is an anti-anxiety drug in the United States. Their web page is "under construction" now but if you go to the "way back machine site" you can view their page. If you check what their page said on Feb 5th 2001 well into the serotonin craze you see this.


They claim that GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) is caused by too much serotonin. Yet Paxil that raises serotonin (by trapping it) is often given to people with GAD.

Also the serotonin link was drawn in part to mice they breed with no serotonin. The mice were sad and nervous. Sad mice make me laugh for some reason.

Schizophrenia was thought to have at first something to do with serotonin because researchers that took LSD found they felt the same way described by schizophrenics. LSD is structurally similar to serotonin.

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