Monday, June 23, 2008


I have been busy trying to find out if all canned food contains BPA or if just the cans with the white liners contain it. I assumed it was the ones with the white plastic liner but other sites says all canned food contain a resin that when heated contains BPA and it leaks into the food.

Some sites say not all canned food contain BPA and then Eden Foods say they are BPA free except their canned tomato products. So since I buy our supermarket brand I emailed Hannaford and asked them if their canned carrots (which I eat a lot of) contains the BPA resin.

Our gov. says that canned food makes up 17% of the American diet but in my case it makes up close to 70% lol.

I am not super worried about it I would just like to know if I am ingesting a possible hormone disruptor / carcinogen. I could always boil my carrots but I really like convenience. I also like my canned chicken so I will email them if and when Hannaford lets me know.

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