Monday, June 23, 2008

Food and Diet

I would love to make Youtube video's on diet but the problem I am having is just when I find something good it turns out to be contaminated with a new poison. I do however still stand by no dairy. Though I break that rule several times a week. I also believe grains to be harmful to the human body but that is really hard not to eat. When I start to phase out grains I cling to rice.

The reason for grains being harmful is they have only been used for about 10,000 to 15,000 years in the human diet. Assuming scientists are correct about us being here for millions of years we weren't eating grains. If we were dropped in the forest we wouldn't have bread or pasta. So if you think about what you could eat if left outside you are left with fruit, vegetables, meat (including fish), eggs, nuts and insects.

I have a feeling insects played a large role in the human diet in the past but I am not up for switching over to crickets and mealworms.

I do think some of the best things people can do is to not drink, not smoke, and avoid dairy. Avoiding dairy is the hardest esp. when soy cheese has casein proteins from milk . Many of our medications also contain casein. Plus people like cheese, milk and yogurt. Cakes and cookies use milk so people aren't very interested in the no dairy idea. I am also not fond of soy products. When I stop caring about my health I drink a ton of milk and eat cheese sticks.

The problem with the perfect diet is it doesn't exist or it is very individualized. Carrots are great I love them but someone else will drop dead if they eat one. So the diet can't be the same for everyone. Also we live in modern times and 98% of the food is toxic in some way. You get orange juice in a plastic container for example and that can be leeching BPA or other toxins from the plastic into the juice. It is better to pick what the best choice is and hope for the best.

I would rather eat a can of carrots with BPA than have a can of soup with BPA, MSG, Sodium Nitrate and little nutritional value. That is basically how I try to eat. Then I get in a slump and order a pepperoni pizza and eat it all.

Cigarettes by far are the largest killer. I have really been working on cutting back so when I stop again the shock won't be as bad. I keep telling myself all the things I can buy instead. At first I figured I would save the money but I want "toys" to make me feel better about stopping like books, small electronics and better food.

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