Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Juicer and Shaved Head

I use to use my juicer a lot. Again it comes down to me cleaning it that is a hassle. If I had a dishwasher I think I would use it more. If you own a juicer and haven't figured this out yet the pulp that gets stuck in the screen of the juicer is removed easily if you clean it with a toothbrush.

I like some herbal teas but again fear an allergic reaction but I still drink it anyway. Regular tea I stay away from even decaff. Though I don't have a fear of decaff tea it just is really never in the house. I do have a fear of green tea but that is only because when I had a reaction to ginseng it was mixed with green tea. The ginseng reaction is also why I fear some herbs.

I like chocolate but don't eat it much unless you count chocolate milk which I doubt is real chocolate for the most part.

I tend to drink a lot of orange juice. I also like tomato juice.

I just shaved my head again and took a shower. This time I put tape over my bangs to keep them. I miss my spikes now. By the time it grows back this time my hair will be long enough (with my bangs) to get my hair cut at the stylist. I think I will be ok now since I have had such a large break from having to go there. I get anxiety attacks when I have to go get my hair cut.

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