Thursday, July 31, 2008

The 100 Day Confessional

I have been thinking about posting this for sometime but I have gone back and forth on if I wanted to only because it was so personal. However as time has gone on I have been writing more and more personal things about myself in this blog so I figured I might as well.

A little background on this. I had just got done watching a video called "The Secret" as some of you may have seen or heard about on Oprah. On Youtube there was a group of people doing something called "The 100 day challenge" where they were trying to see how they could change their life in 100 days using "The Secret".

It seemed fun and I never completed it. For me it turned more into a confessional. I did not even use my face on the videos just a picture of Earth and my voice.

Each video is about 9 mins long and there are 9 videos. You will hear me talking about what day of "The 100 day challenge" I am on at the beginning of each video.

Truth be told all 9 videos were recorded in a single night and I just broke them down into different days. I recorded it a little over a year ago and was drinking several Coors Light beers while I was recording it.

I tried to stop drinking at that time but that did not end up happening till Nov. 2007.

This may take some time to get through but maybe it will be useful or helpful to someone who listens.

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