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Email From YouTube 1

This is an email from youtube:

"Hi there, my name is (removed) from the Uk, my 16 year old son is called (removed), he has recently developed symptoms of Agoraphobia and has also started developing OCD's like carrying a bottle of water with him everywhere he goes, because he gets "dry mouth".

I must applaud you for your dedication for self help, I too have suffered with GAD for many years, again onset at 16 years old, exact same age as my son, i am now 47, I remember my first PA when i was out in the car, I couldn't breathe, it was terrifying.

I have also been researching into Anxiety and Depression and the Orthomolecular Approach to cure, I have found a common link with Agoraphobics, GAD, PA, ADHD etc, and that is Zinc Deficiency - do you have white spots on your fingernails? and were they worst at the onset of your first attack, was your fist attack around the time of your last year at high school, (period of major stress in adolescence) this is when teenagers go through a growth spurt depleting their Zinc reserves and also people with GAD urinate Zinc when under stress, this causes major Neurological problems, these people also are deficient in B6 (Pyridoxine) my son and myself we recently tested for PYROLURIA, my son has every symptom but the test came back negative but he we were also tested for BLOOD HISTAMINE which was LOW (possibly HISTADENIA) which is corrected by NIACIN Vitamin B3 and Folic Acid.

I am trying a diet with no Dairy and no Wheat and up to now no signs of Adrenaline rush, interestingly I have stopped feeling that tightness in my throat whilst on this diet, it is mainly fruit ,veg complex Carbohydrates and about 15% protein, mainly chicken, I am also taking:

Omega 3-6-9 for Neurotransmitter improvement / hormones
Niacin B3 - raises Histamine levels - (deficient in Schizo-affective Bio-types)
B Complex
B6 - Pyridoxine HCl
Vit C
Zinc - 15 mg (best to take PICOLINATE) do not exceed dose!
Magnesium - (for depression)

also about 2-3 liters of water a day - I find i am dehydrated a lot (urine changes colour) about 2.5 liters a day makes it clear, lot of theory about water and GAD!

also breathing, shallow breaths mean inbalance of blood gases - low oxygen - high CO2 high Lactic Acid (Anaurobic Respiration)

Check if you have:

White Spots on fingernails (Luekonychia Punctuate)
Stretch Marks on top inner thigh
Sensitive to sunlight / sneezes
pale skin - easy sunburn

these are indications of Zinc Deficiency - checkout PYROLURIA it is worth eliminating as a possible cause - also BLOOD HISTAMINE (Histapenia or Hisatdelia) also COPPER TOXICITY - low Zinc equals high copper - high copper means Nuero overload - also have you had a full FOOD INTOLERANCE TEST - that is my next elimination with my son along with a COPPER TOXICITY test, I will let you know the results.

If you send me your email I can send you more information, the more people share their trials and tests the quicker we can all find a cure!

It will get better over time I promise you, steer clear of Alcohol and Cigarettes, once the physical symptoms are under control your mental health will improve and you will gain more confidence, also do you drive, most agoraphobics find that by driving their own car allows them to get out - they are able to control where and when they go - I know it may be difficult right now to achieve this but make this a SINGULAR GOAL - once you are driving your own car you will gain more and more confidence.

also do you have close relatives with GAD, PD, Agoraphobia, ADHD etc, it tends to run in families therefore it is a genetic predisposition and it is definitely not as a result of BAD PARENTING, I have qualifications in Psychology and I know all the theories of OPERANT and CLASICSAL CONDITIONING and none of them are the Etiology of your Illness so dont let any PSYCHIATRIST try and bullshit you, it is a PHYSICAL ILLNESS!!!!!! that affects the balance of your Neurotransmitters and your nervous system.

out of interest have you looked at the MEDULLA OBLONGATA as a possible problem area - do you suffer with respiratory problems, sleep apnea etc the Medulla Oblongata controls the Autonomic Nervous System regulating breathing and pulse, who knows?

my email is


please feel free to email me anytime and I will provide any information I can, anything to find a cure to this illness, don't forget checkout ZINC deficiency and look out for those white spots on your fingernails!!!!!! - i'm sure the answer lies somewhere with ZINC!!

2 good books:

nutrition and mental health - carl pfeiffer - isbn - 0-89281-226-5
depression free naturally - joan mathews - isbn 0-345-43517-6

see you later"


My Reply,

The real hardcore panic attacks did not start till I was in 9th grade my freshmen year in high school about age 15. At that time I did have the white spots under my nails and had read back then that it could be zinc deficiency. I no longer have the white dots under my nails and have not for sometime.

I did get stretch marks on my upper inner thigh about age 24. I assumed that was from rapid weight gain while I was on paxil.

I go pale a lot.

I have not had a full food intolerance test because I am scared to death of having my blood taken and I don't like needles. I also have no health insurance. However I have found FDA approved home test kits that you can do yourself then overnight to a lab to have the test run. The reason I have not done that is because they are about $200-$400 dollars depending on the test and the one I want to do tests 90 different foods not only allergy but also intolerance.

I have not drank alcohol since Nov. 2007 and still working on the cigarettes...I can't believe how hard it is for me to quit them...pure evil.

Both my mother's and father's parents suffered from anxiety/depression and addiction issues. My mother has anxiety but she doesn't think she does...trust me she does. My father has some issues but I don't know what I would label them.... maybe hording.

I had part of my right lung removed in Aug 2000 so yea I had and sure I still have some breathing problems. I had sleep apnea before I had lung surgery as far as I know that has stopped since the surgery. I do snore or so my bf tells me.

I also agree with the dairy and gluten connection in some people.

I do drive and have no problem with it. In fact I have issues with being in the car when I am not the driver.

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