Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Email From YouTube 2

This is an email from youtube:

"Five years ago after Drinking Heavily for 10 Years,I stopped alcohol cold turkey(Not Recommended.)I went thru such bad withdrawal my Body and internal organs almost shut down completely,as my Emergencey room Doctor told me later after I almost Died.....Anyway to the point why im writing you...Ever since I quit the alcohol (My Coping Drug.)...Five years ago I have had Panic Attacks and Agoraphobia symptoms almost every other day..I mean before my accident i had never had any anxiety or anxious symptoms in my life..So i trully believe that I damaged my internal organs,and according to my doctor I stressed my kidneys...Just to find out later that everyones Adrenal Glands is located attached to both of our kidneys..So by damaging my Kidneys thru Boozing ,I also Damaged my Stress Copping ADRENAL Gland...Without your adrenal glands everyday stress can kill you,even minor stress like going to get your hair cut can put you thru the mill. ...I have educated myself alot thru these years and the only relief I have had with any of these Panic symptoms was to eat basically nothing but PROTEIN,,Basically following the Atkins Diet...I found out that All CARBOHYDRATES Stress the Adrenal Glands and put them In a High Stress Fight or Flight Mode...Believe me I Know what you are Feeling.I have tried Zoloft,paxil,Xanax,Online Help.Nothing Worked except High Protein.Please Try.."


My Reply,

I was drinking for years to cope with the anxiety I was feeling. I did however have all the same problems I have now before I ever drank. I will look into a high protein diet from what I read in the past high protein can also harm the kidneys. There is a diet I am working on and considering starting a new blog only for that diet. I have not decided if I will do the blog or just write a book. I go through bouts of laziness and really have to start pushing myself because I have so much to say but very little motivation at times.

I don't think the diet I am working on will cure everyone but it will definitely get a lot of the toxins out of our lives. The food at the store is basically poison. The way we tend to prepare the food makes it even worse. The downside to writing a book is that my grammar is awful and my spelling is just as bad. I don't even know where to begin if I decided to write one.

I am glad you have found help by a high protein diet and that you are no longer drinking. I stopped when I finally fainted and hit my head in the bathroom then ended up in the ER. My bf was not pleased and pretty freaked out that I was completely white with blue lips for about a minute or two. Plus I have a phobia of fainting.

What was worse is I could not afford detox and being agoraphobic really couldn't stay there anyway so even after all that drama I had to tapper off on my own. I was scared to just stop with no benzo's and did not want to have a seizure or worse. But I got myself off thank God.

I now have a phobia of alcohol...I think the only positive phobia I have ever developed.

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