Friday, July 4, 2008


Sometimes people have so many issues that we get lost in them. I know at times that is true for myself. I find my worries and bad health sometimes consumes me so much so that I will lay in bed at night and cry for a few seconds before drifting off to sleep. Some mornings I wake up with this overwhelming feeling and just look at the wall while I adjust to the idea that I am still in this world. Not that I want to die don't mistake it for that but more of a feeling of what am I going to do and how will I handle my mind and other problems. At times I feel very overwhelmed by the state of the world. I can feel the lack of caring and selfishness that is generated by us all. It eats at my soul.

I have been talking on skype to a boy that lives in Cambodia. He does not speak English well so at times it is hard to understand what he is saying. He has a job and makes more than the average person there per month. From what I was reading police make about $25 a month and teachers about $20 a month. This boy makes a little over $100 dollars a month. His room that he lives in is $40 a month and his food is $60 a month. That does not leave very much extra money for himself. When he does have some spare money he talks online from an internet cafe near by his job. From what I understand he can use the computer for about 15 cents an hour. Compared to the average person in Cambodia he is doing well. By North American and European standards not so well.

This morning I was talking to him and while I was trying to understand his broken English I was looking at pictures of his city on google images. And Reading about where he was from and then decided I was going to mail him money. He has never asked me for a dime and when I offered he became confused. He was not sure what I meant and asked me why I wanted to help him. I said "people help me I should help you".

Trying to get his address was not easy because he does not completely understand what I am saying to him and several times gave me his email address. (They don't have paypal I asked). I think he was concerned about why I wanted to help him more than anything. People worldwide have a hard time taking help or a gift with no strings attached directly from another person. He informed me that the only address he has was the address of where he worked. I asked if he could get mail for himself there and he said yes. I am not sure but I think maybe he lives at where he works.

So he gave me his address and I told him I would send him $20 cash in an envelope next week. I gave him my email address so he can email me when he gets it (if he gets it. I have some concerns that his employer might open his mail and take it). If he does get the money I might send $20 a month for awhile. He was happy about getting the $20 "if it true" as he put it. What shocked me more was that he had no plans after I offered to send him the money to use it on himself. He said if it is true he is happy because he will give it to his sister so she can get medicine. She has been sick for 10 years with an issue I will not get into here since I feel it is a private matter.

He wanted to know if I wanted to be paid back. I told him no it was a gift and the only thing I wanted was when he was able to help someone someday to pay them back what I gave to him.

Well I already addressed the letter to him and put the $20 in it. I went to the post office website and it will cost about $1.60 for me to mail it to him first class so not a big deal. We will see how it goes. Hopefully he will get it.

Below is two pictures of the city he lives in outside of the tourist sections.

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