Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Food Diet

I am in the process of changing my diet. First I am finishing up all the old food I have because I do not want to waste it. I also want to get my body use to the new diet. So as I get closer to running out of the old food I will be slowly replacing it with the new diet I will be trying.

I find it odd when I go to the supermarket how they store its filled with garbage being passed off as food. TV dinners, fruit rollups, captain crunch cereal, soups filled with msg, instant this and instant that. The last time I was there I saw hard boiled eggs in a bag filled with preservatives so we would not have to be bothered with boiling our own eggs. This is not food.

I do not have a lot of money to spend on food as it is and with the rising costs of gas and food people should be more picky now on what they buy. Families that are struggling are still coming out of the stores with cheetos, candy bars and a ton of garbage they can not afford. I think as Americans we do not want to change our eating habits. We feel that we deserve things and we believe we are special. Life here is changing and people for the time being will have to get use to it. Especially people who do not have a lot of money right now.

Health wise the foods I listed above are not good for you anyway. With cancer and heart disease being the number one and two killer in this country it is time to rethink what we put into our bodies.

My plan for now is to go back to basics and see how I feel. This will included teas, meat, milk, fruits, vegetables, grains but not bread or cereal products...grains as in whole wheat pasta, oats, rice, corn. I would eat eggs but I think they make me sick when I eat them so I am staying clear of them for now.

Overall this should save me money and be better for my health.

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