Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sleeping and The New Diet Update

I finally got my sleeping back on track after weeks of trying. I woke up at 530am and I am so happy. I had been going to sleep at noon and getting up at 8pm and that made me feel like crap. I have had insomnia issues for several decades now and I am always happy when it resets for a little while and I can feel like a normal rested person.

I went to the super market this morning. When I am able to go I like to go late at night or early in the morning since there are less people then. I also went over to my parents house and did some laundry. The next apartment I have I really would like a washer and dryer hookup and a dishwasher. Most of the time I eat off paper plates and use plastic cups and plastic spoons because I hate doing dishes.

I have been working on a new diet for people to try out to see if it helps them with their anxiety and/or other health issues they maybe having. However I have hit a wall with it. The more I read the more toxic I realize our modern day food really is. I come up with a good diet plan and then see that the average person may have a hard time following it especially if they worked 40 hours a week. Not to mention people can't cook things at work especially without a microwave oven. I am 100% against the use of microwave ovens for reasons I am sure I will explain later.

So I am considering doing the diet in both forms (hard and easier) and leave it up to the person to decide what is best for them in their current situation. I will list the pros and cons to each part of the diet...and hopefully people will be able to do a little of both. I am pretty sure most the time I will have to take some of the easy steps in the diet because even though I am home all day long I am lazy and like convenience as I am sure others do too.

I have already bought the domain name I plan on using for the diet and I am in the process of making a page. It is really trial and error at this point. I write something then the next day rethink it and I am no longer happy with a certain topic so I scrap it and try something else. I am currently for the most part on my own diet to see how it works and how easy or hard it maybe for others to do. I am also looking at if I feel well, strong, full of energy or if I am hungry, weak or tired. I do not want to promote something that I myself can't do or feel crappy on.

I am not sure how long it is going to take for me to get all this organized but when it is done people who read this blog will be the first to know. I just know that this is not going to be some miracle cure all diet. The point of the diet is to try to get maximum nutrition into you and the least toxins possible. Also since this is a new diet there will be changes to it I am sure over time (items added and items removed). Because after all information changes all the time.

Other than that it has just been raining a lot here recently and my cat has been hiding in the closet because he does not like thunder. I hope all of you are doing well.

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