Monday, August 18, 2008


My moods change so fast sometimes. I find it exhausting. It is not even week to week or even day to day. Sometimes my moods change several times during the day. My moods (thoughts) tend to be very black or white thinking which I try to avoid but so far is it is how I seem to think.

My thoughts range from "everything will be ok." to "It's all falling apart" This can be in a span of hours.

I have a very hard time dealing with several issues in my life outside of all the anxiety and phobias. I am having a very hard time with aging. Some of that fear comes from vanity but a large part of it comes from my fear of dying (and dying young).

Being dead is not what scares me because after I am dead its done I will already be dead. If there is an afterlife I will know at that point and if there isn't...well then I won't know I ever existed. Everything I have ever said and did, the people I met that both loved me, hated me, were kind to me or said hurtful things will all be erased by the sands of time. I can't worry if there is no afterlife because I will just be dead.

If there is an afterlife I would hope I would then see the big picture, something that no other human could explain to me or tell me..all the love in the world directed at me in this life and all the hurt people have caused me would hopefully be explained by seeing that big picture. Either way I diverted. It is not being dead that scares me...dying does.

I don't want to die and since a very small child I have thought of death often. More than most I would assume. My childhood prayers went something like this.."Dear God, Please look after my parents and friends and everyone I love. Let Big Toad and Baby Toad live for a very long time (I use to have pet toads and that was their names) and please make sure I live to be at least 107 years old before I die." Even back then the fear of dying young was set in place.

The fear of dying young is right up there with having something happen to me which I can't fix. Lets say I lose an arm or a leg. Can I live my life without it? Yes of course I can. Well then why do I care so much? Well because I know how the world is. Some people would be out right rude about it. Sure those people would be rare because most of us would never say anything rude. I am more concerned with the deeper thoughts people have.

Lets say I am a decent looking guy, I make you laugh, I am intelligent, I sent you flowers to your job and over all care deeply about your well being...sound like a nice guy right? Many of you would date that man or woman. Now I want you to imagine a man or woman with no legs comes up to you and asks you out on a date. They are all of those things listed above. A large percentage of you will never find out how wonderful they are because you can't get past the no legs. Now imagine sex with that legless person. Mental blocks come up in most peoples minds.

So why do I care what others think of me if that happened to me? Mostly I don't care. What I do care is that I become defined before I speak. I care about the mental pain of knowing how people think. Because I know right now this world is very very materialistic. I care because I can't fix the problem. I can't grow new legs. I can't really put this into the right words so I will stop. Side note: many of our soldiers are coming home missing limbs. I don't agree with this war but I do think about the soldiers that are hurt or killed by it. I see their strength on TV and getting on with their life after being injured. Don't think for a second they are not having dark moments in their mind. Moments like despair, depression, fear. That is what concerns me more.

It does matter that while you are watching a movie that someone else is in a hospital dying alone. I matters that while you are eating dinner at a restaurant and the service isn't fast enough or food not warm enough that someone else is having their first day of chemo or a dead child is being held in his mothers arms because there was not enough food. It matters and sometimes I think I feel it all way too much.

You know when I was in the hospital back in 2000 after my lung surgery I could see out the window. I looked at all the people walking by on the sidewalk down below. They did not know I was in there looking out at them nor the fact that there was an old man next to me who would scream at night when they had to come in and drain his lungs because of fluid build up. The people down below didn't even know I existed. I think that was my first glimpse of reality.

We hide our sick and the truth is most people just don't care enough to do anything about it. As a people we ignore it. After all its not nice thoughts to have. It is more fun to rush to the store to get some item before it sells out or before the sale ends.

Those of us who are sick or have been sick and scared. Some better off than others know exactly what I mean. Compassion has been removed. There is a tiny amount left in this world. You only have to stop and think to really experience the horror of it all. Why do you think they changed the word "personnel" to "human resources"? Because that is what you have become...a resource.

You know everyone has a different version of you in their mind. You mother thinks one way of you, a friend another. Who has the real version of you? In my case I already know how my death would be dealt with. My parents would say "It was for the best he suffered with so much anxiety." (That is what my life would be reduced to) as for my friends in real life god only knows. I have never had the sort of friends I could talk to about my true self the way I type to you all on here. I don't even have real life friends anymore. I got rid of them because of that very reason. I hope I do find a friend soon I can be open with. There are things about me that I would never write on this blog. But only because it could hurt the people I know should they ever find this.

I don't want to be erased. I matter. Yet I am at the mercy of the universe. I am scared to death of making a wrong choice and becoming injured or dead. This is why I fear side effects of medication so much. People die all the time from pills or from vaccines.

When a therapist says to me "You could also die in a car crash just as easily as the pill causing your death or injury." This is true but in my mind I just upped the chance. Now I am taking this pill and I drive.

I am sure nothing I just wrote makes sense to very many people. I went all over the place in this blog. I am just going to proof read it and post. Maybe someone will see some of what I am saying because I have a very hard time expressing these feeling and finding the right words to convey them.

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