Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Social Services Does Not Call Back

My mom just left to have her new port checked, have the dressing changed and then they will give her the chemo drug she had the reaction to the last time. The doctors are hoping if they give it slower she will not have the reaction. If she doesn't have a reaction and all goes well, she will come home and the home health nurse will come and hook her up to the chemo here. She will have the home chemo for two days, then Friday the home health nurse will come and remove it.

She has been very wore out, weak and sick feeling. She has not been eating much. The other night she had some cantaloupe and a few hours later she threw that up. I think she has only thrown up once or twice, which is not too bad I guess. She has an anti nausea drug called Zofran, but she has not taken it yet. She is scared Zofran will make her sick and she says she is too sick to have a reaction to something. I am sure she will take it soon. Like me, she is sensitive to a lot of medication, so it is a little scary at first to take a new drug.

I got my Social Services Disability summary in the mail last week and the financial statement is completely wrong. This is because they insist they did a financial phone interview with me and they didn't. They pulled my old financial information from when I applied back in 2007. They also have my living address wrong. They list me moving into my parents house April 2009 and that is not true (They have my parents address listed as an apartment and that I live alone at that address.). I have had the same apartment since 2006 and still do. I explained that to them during the phone interview (the one where they go over past jobs and where you live.)

So I get this statement and it says I have 10 days from June 10th to call and fix any errors. So from the day I received the summary I have been calling social service. I call my case worker everyday and leave a voice mail. I have called the other woman's name that was listed on the statement as well (The woman who claims to have done the financial interview that never happened.) and leave her voice mails everyday.

Neither of them have called me back. I have called the main number and they say they can't help me and just transfer me to the case workers voice mail. I have called the 800 number and talked to someone there who was very rude and said she couldn't help me and "This is what you told them." and I said "I most certainly did not tell them any of this, they are using old information." to which she said "excuuuuuussssssseee meeeeeee". Seriously what a bitch.

So today I am waiting once again for someone to call me back. I have again left voice mails for both people. My sleep pattern is very hard for me to hold stable, so last night by the time I fell asleep it was 2am. Then I had to wake up early in case social services calls. I slept about 5 hours, which for some people is fine, but I do not do well on anything under 8 hours.

Being alone a lot is really taking its toll on me, thank God for the internet which keeps me busy. I was alone from Nov. 2008 till almost May 2009. Even though I am now temporarily staying at my parents, with my mom being so sick it is not like we talk a lot and my father doesn't talk, so basically I sit in my room alone a lot. I have had very little human contact in about 7 months. I don't recommend it, nor do I recommend throwing very stressful events on top of it. Sometimes I worry I am going to crack and end up in a mental hospital.

I want to thank all the people online who keep in contact with me. It really does help keep me sane.


Marie said...

I hear ya about the being alone thing. My anxiety got worse over the past couple years because my husband and i moved away from friends and moved out to the country. Not good. And he is a restaurant manager so he works crazy hours. Being alone makes my anxiety worse but then also when i do not feel good. Like when my stomach is upset I want to be alone. I am an extreme fear of throwing up and of other people throwing up and i do not like people to be around when I get sick. So sometimes i think i am not made out to live with someone because ...well...i just feel crazy. Sorry...babbling.

Anonymous said...

I hear your frustration about social services. It took me nearly 6 months to get everything right when I applied for my disability after my accident.

I do not like being alone either. The Internet and e-mail is my Main source of communication these days. Most of my friends have moved away. I get out to go to the grocery store and an occasional movie.

Anonymous said...

My pets have been what's kept me going and sane during long periods of social isolation. They can be lifesavers for many people.