Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Attacking H. Pylori

My mother went to here chemo class today. She said it was informative and scary. She starts chemo this Friday. She is thinking she may not be able to work through the whole thing and thinking about taking temp. disability from her job.

I can tell she is getting more nervous as Friday approaches which is understandable. I must say she is handling this better than I would. I might even feel more worried for her than she dose.

Nothing has really changed with me same ol crap going on. I am able to eat more than I was a few months back though. Not enough, but more, which I am taking as a good sign.

I did the treadmill today again. I am up to 20 mins a day now (17 mins at 2mph and 3 mins at 3mph [all on a slight incline.]

I have been using the blender a lot and blending oranges, kiwi, bananas, and blueberries mixed in orange juice that is calcium fortified.

I switched over to rice pasta since it is easier to eat than plain rice. I started taking olive oil again and have been eating chicken drumsticks (sometimes hamburger).

I have been reading a lot about H. Pylori (the bacteria that causes ulcers, is linked to stomach cancer and now maybe heart disease.) and trying to find out what kills it besides the megadoses of multiple antibiotics for weeks at a time. (I am sensitive to antibiotics in normal doses and some of these pills can cause serious side effects in some people like psychosis (fun times).

Anyway I am going to try to kill it myself first. If anyone can do it it is me. I will try a moderate approach first, which I already started June 1st. and will continue it till the first week of July. Then soon after I will have my doctor order a bowel sample test and see if it is still there. If it is I will try a much more aggressive approach and do that for a month then test again. If the little bastards are still there in the Fall I will have to take all those antibiotics to kill it and hope for the best as far as reactions go.

If I do manage to kill it off I will post everything I did to do it so others can try who want to take a natural approach. I won't be able to say "I cured my H. Pylori doing this." because then the FDA will come down on my ass hehe.

I would really like for my heart to go back to normal. I still have a very high resting heart rate. I am hoping in time that goes down. I think what concerns me is if I know it is not being caused by anxiety (yet all the doctors think it is.) then what the hell is causing it?

On the Benzo withdrawal forum people have reported their hearts racing for months after they stopped taking their drugs. I have found on there the people who report the heart problem the most were on xanax which is the drug I was on. Hopefully it is that and not some medical issue that is being overlooked. I have been though that before. "Oh your shortness of breath is just anxiety and stress." cut to me having part of my lung removed in Aug. 2000.


amy said...

My third stool test just came back negative for h pylori after three months of addressing it with "alternative" treatments.

The main recipe that worked for me:

3 weeks of Monolaurin at doses you can find on my web link:

Also, I consistently stuck with Mastic Gum (morning and night - before eating and before bed) as well as Manuka Honey, which can be costly but is worth it.

I too am sensitive to antibiotics and this regimine, along with eating very carefully (avoiding sugars and carbs) worked!

I was undiagnosed for an entire year, so I had some bad gastritis, but that's been clearing with consistent use of Aloe Vera juice and L Glutamine powder, which you can pick up at any Vitamin Shoppe or through Amazon.

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

I've heard that 2 cloves raw garlic daily is an effective remedy for some, and probiotics and extra virgin olive oil. Apparently there is some evidence that undercooked chicken is the main culprit in h pylori.