Friday, June 12, 2009

Moms First Chemo

Well today is Friday. The day my mother starts her chemo. She will go in at 9:45am to start her treatment, then she will be there for 3 hours. After that she will come home. A nurse will come to the house soon after and hook chemo up to her port that she had put in. The chemo will continue till Sunday afternoon, then the nurse will return and remove it from the port.

This first round of chemo is the original cocktail she was suppose to get before her cancer spread to her liver. In two weeks her chemo will be different and stronger to try to kill off the cancer that spread to the liver. Soon her oncologist will be having the surgeon call my mom to let her know when she is going to have surgery to remove the part of her liver.

Yesterday she had her mammogram, which she was due for. She said she might as well get it done before the chemo starts and make sure there is nothing spotted there as well.

I know she must be nervous about today. I know I am. I am worried about how she is going to react to all the chemo, because like me she is sensitive to many medications. I just hope she does not get to many side effects. She has been though enough and with another surgery coming up I just hope she gets a small break.

I would really like for my mother to get well and beat the cancer even if now it is a low chance. She always wanted to live to be in her 90's and get to be an "old lady" as she puts it. She said she is not ready to leave Earth so soon and that scares her. So I hope she pulls through all of this. She has had a hard life and is a nice person...I just don't want her to suffer.

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