Friday, June 5, 2009

Heart Rate Recovery

My mom had her PET scan today. She can't get close to us for about 24 hours because she is radioactive. Monday we will find out the results and see if the cancer spread to her liver or not.

Since they put her port in (where she will be getting chemo) she has had bad shoulder and back pain that her pain meds (Lortabs) aren't helping. She told her doctor during her PET scan and they are going to send her to a physical therapist to help work out the pain.

I slept late and didn't wake up till 5pm. For years now on and off (mostly on) I am sick to my stomach for hours when I first get up. Sometimes it is so bad I actually throw up. It really wares me out feeling that crappy everyday. All those year that I drank alcohol I always just assumed I was hungover, but I guess not. I do remember feeling sick though in high school years ago in the morning, because of that I usually couldn't eat breakfast. Sometimes before school I would drink Carnation Instant Breakfast. Sometimes that would stay down and other times it wouldn't. I do know back in high school when I started to lift weights I would vomit more often.

Over the years I have had two upper GI's and they never show anything. I was just told it was normal and nothing was done. I was put on drugs like Pepcid and Zantac in the past and it never helped it.

I did the treadmill again today (20 mins total [15 mins at 2mph and 5 mins at 3mph on a slight incline]). My recovery heart rate sucks, but then my heart rate sucks right now anyway it is still beating fast and I am told it is "just anxiety". I am going to have to get more forceful the next time I see the doctor. Seriously I have had anxiety for 18 years only 2 of those years I was medicated. The other 16 drug free years my heart did not do this and I was just as nervous then. I understand that some people have a naturally high resting heart rate, but when mine was always in the 70's and 80's and is now 96-110 that is not normal for me..nor is my standing heart rate of 130-140 (most of the time).

I feel annoyed when I think about the cardiologist saying "it should come down soon as you get on a good SSRI." I mean are these people thick in the head? I was not on a "good SSRI" all those years and my heart was normal and when I took a "good SSRI" March 4th I fainted and that night my heart rate went up and stayed up....HELLO!!!! are you even listening!!

I checked my weight yesterday and thankfully I stopped dropping weight. Even though I have not been eating well I am 146 lbs., but I am 5'11 so that is not great. At one point during this I got as low as 140 lbs. Before all this started I was 160 lbs and would like to get back to that as soon as I can.

Below is a short clip about heart rate recovery after exercise.

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