Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saw The New Therapist

I saw a new therapist today. She prayed before we started and said that people that found long term relief that she treated accepted the god that she prays to into their heart and that god is Jesus Christ. I wanted to laugh and die at the same time. I just said OK. I mean what do I say to that?

As she is talking about it ....all I could do was think about Jordan Maxwell, Mithra and the book Symbols, Sex, and the Stars.

There is really no other place I can go since I have no health insurance. Also I have to be seeing someone right now because I have applied for SSI again.

I am so lost. I know my heart issue is not caused by anxiety, I have been unable to get anyone to understand that and now I have people praying around me.

She said that she would teach me to like myself. I told her I do like myself. (I mean seriously it is other people I don't like.)

Todays session went something like this "How was your life in grammar school?" that is about as far as we got..oh and she only does 30 minute sessions.

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Anonymous said...

Most therapist I have found are messed up. I lucked out with one woman who helped me emotionally. Most of them are afraid, and worse off than you are mentally.