Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adampants and Shingles

My mom met with the oncologist yesterday. She has to have a surgery soon to have a port put in her for the chemo. She will have chemo every 2 weeks for 6 months. She will go and stay for 3 hours then come home with a bag that connects to the port and it will pump chemo into her for 3 days. Then a nurse will come to the house and remove the bag. This will happen every 2 weeks.

Today my mom got a rash around her surgery scar. So she went to the hospital to make sure it was not MRSA. It turns out she has shingles. So now she has to take a medication for that and has to call the oncologist because she can't start chemo while she has shingles. So we won't know when her chemo will start. Shingles takes about 4-10 weeks to heal.

My mother asked what level her stage 3 cancer was at when she was at the oncologists office and he said 3C, which is what I thought after reading the American Cancer Society's website. So that is one step above stage 4 (Stage 4 is the last stage.).

Since they think they got all the cancer and the chemo is trying to prevent cancer cells that could have gotten loose from growing on other organs her 5 year survival rate is 44%. This type of cancer usually returns in the liver or lungs.

I am still the same. My heart rate is still high. Since the cardiologist said I can walk on the treadmill I started again. A few days ago I did 2 mph for 5 mins. That brought my heart rate into the 150's which is not acceptable for such little effort. Either way the next day I did 6 mins and today I was at 8 mins. Just increasing it by a minute every day.

I listened to this series on YouTube that I found interesting called "Healing Begins Now" by Jonathan aka adampants2007 and adampants2008 on YouTube (He deleted his first account adampants2007, but others uploaded his old stuff.)it is 27 parts and each 9 minutes long.

Some points I felt he was arrogant or crazy, but it was well worth listening too anyway.

The first clip has music and words then he talks in it. The last clip when he is done there is music then words shortly after again.

On the right side of the YouTube screen it will show the playlist, so when clip 1 is done you can click clip 2.. ect ect.

Part 16 and part 20 never worked for me so I moved on, but maybe it will work for you if you listen to the series.

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Anonymous said...

All the best to you and your mother. Her cancer can be healed...just open yourself to Love and you will know how it works. I am very grateful for what Jonathan did, and I'm glad you found his videos. I'm actually listening to The Healing Begins Now again at the moment. If you want to hear the parts you missed, there are a few different torrent sites that carry them.

Much Love to you and your family. May the Creator heal all of your wounds.

Peace. =]