Friday, May 22, 2009

How is babby formed?

I don't know if any of you use "yahoo answers", but if you do, stop. It is full of idiots. I always end up being linked to "yahoo answers" from google searches that I do.

I came across this gem. Someone even made a flash video about the question and answer which I will post below.

Ok here is the question:

"How is babby formed?????
how is babby formed?

how girl get pragnent?"

and here is the best answer selected:

"They need to do way instain mother> who kill thier babbys. becuse these babby cant frigth back it was on the news this mroing a mother in ar who had kill her three kids . they are taking the three babby back to new york too lady to rest my pary are with the father who lost his chrilden ; i am truley sorry for your lots"

This is the flash video someone made based on this yahoo question.

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Sara said...


I'm from the anxiety board and just wanted to check in and see if you were ok! :) And if you were considering coming back. Hope you don't mind!

This is pretty much brilliant.