Monday, May 11, 2009

My Moms Cancer

I was able to eat this morning. I felt pretty good. I felt like the old me for a few hours. My heart rate even slowed down and was mostly normal for awhile.

April 22nd my mom had surgery to remove her colon cancer and she has been healing. Today she saw her doctor for her follow up. The cancer has spread to the glands and was detected after her surgery in the pathology report. So she was told about that today and will have to see a doctor soon and will need 6 months of chemo. Her stage is stage 3. Which is not the worst, but not the best. They had hoped it was stage 1. Now when she see's the new doctor she will have to find out if it is stage 3A,3B or 3C. It makes a large difference if you are A,B or C since 5 year survival rate for 3A is 83% and 5 years for 3C is 44%.

I am glad I had that time to feel well this morning it gave me a small break. Now I am just upset about my mom having to have chemo. I have not cried over it yet. It is one of those things that will hit me in a little while. She is being positive about it. I can tell she is upset. She is hoping they can work the chemo around my nephews wedding that is coming up in July in the state next to mine. I am in NY and the wedding is in VT.

She had a 2 week cruise planned with my father, but I am not sure if she will be able to go on that now. I didn't bring it up I figure I will let her just tell me if they are going to cancel it or not.

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