Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wireless Router

My mom is very groggy today. She talked to me on the phone for about 5 mins. My father went to see her and planned on staying a few hours, but she kept falling asleep so he left early.

She asked them to change her pain meds because whatever she is on is making her dizzy. She takes a low dose old generation antidepressant for Fibromyalgia and has not had that in 2 days because they say she can't have it right now. They had told her to bring her blood pressure meds because she can't just cold turkey off them, but now they are saying she can't have them. So hopefully they will watch her and make sure she is ok.

She said that she does not feel very well, which is to be expected, but I am glad she is sleeping a lot. I know after my lung surgery I slept a lot too. It burns time away and helps the body heal.

My heart for the first time in awhile went to 137 today and then 20 mins later dropped to 76 and now is back at 95. I could tell that it was very fast again because I felt my jaw clenching which is odd that that happens and my legs get shaky. I have been having dizzy spells since last night and when I walk it is like the room or floor is moving weird.

My father got the wireless router and I hooked that up, so I am now able to use my laptop in my bedroom.

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