Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My moms out of surgery

My father called to tell me that my mom is out of surgery and the surgeon thinks he got it all. He is sending it all off to a lab to be tested so hopefully it will all be clear and she will just have to get better now from the surgery.

She will be in the recovery room for a few hours and then will be moved to a normal room.

I started taking my temperature in the past week. I am normally one of those people who never has 98.6 I tend to be 97.9. Recently when I take it half the time it is now 99.0 and 99.2 I have no idea why I have a low fever. So on and off I have been taking tylenol. It seems that my temp. is up when my heart is beating faster than normal. (It is always beating fast now, but I have stopped considering 96 fast since it has been in the 90's for awhile now.)

Maybe I have some infection some place. I know all of this can't be in my mind. I have never heard of anxiety or depression causing a fever. I have also never had my heart rate this fast 24 hours a day for a month and a half now.

I am glad my mom is so far doing OK. I hope she is comfortable and recovers fast. I also really hope the doctor is right and that he got it all.

My father is going over to my sisters to eat and then he will be going back to the hospital. I will be going back upstairs to my bedroom and just lay in bed and watch TV. Hopefully the tylenol I took will bring my temp. back down to normal.

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