Thursday, April 16, 2009


The doctor called my father back and is going to meet with my parents after office hours next Monday to discuss my current health issues. This is good, so when I actually go to see him he will have background on me. If he is just all huffy and not helpful when my parents meet him then I will keep searching for a doctor. (However this doctor just got an award for helping people, both here and in 3rd world countries. He became a doctor later in life just to help people and works with people who can't afford health insurance.)

I have no energy to doctor hop right now, which is why I am having my parents meet him first. He has a three page print out from me of everything that has been happening since January 2009. This weekend I plan on writing another page since the last three pages did not have me vomiting up brown stuff.

I will not be able to see him next week anyway because next week is my moms surgery and there is no one around to take me (at least that I would feel comfortable with). She is suppose to be in the hospital for three days as long as everything goes OK. We will also know her stage of cancer after the surgery and will finally know if she will need chemo or not. I really hope for her and my family that she doesn't and this cancer is just stage one. I also really hope she gets though the surgery OK because she is older and will be 67 this year in July.

When it comes to me today I have had two cans of soup and caffeine free soda. That is about all I could eat so far. I can't help but think of Dr. Lorraine Day (she use to be an oncologist and now is a promoter of alternative health) she said "All disease starts in the digestive track." That rings true to me if my stomach is what is causing all my health issues. Even after I had the soup my heart pounded and raced. When it pounds I feel anxiety, but not because I am scared of it, just it in itself causes an antsy feeling in my body. Plus I rather my problem be my stomach than my heart. So lets hope it is the stomach.

On youtube over a year ago I stated that my anxiety went away once for awhile years ago only to return. I have told therapists that and they never believed me. The interesting thing I was thinking about today was that it went away while I was on a drug called Asulfidine which is used to treat ulcerative colitis, which I was diagnosed with in late 1993. I was on that drug for a year and my ulcerative colitis has been in remission since 1994. I wonder if what made the anxiety go away was the healing of my digestive track.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (which I am also lucky enough to have) the doctors use to say is caused by anxiety and stress. However now some doctors think Irritable Bowel Syndrome causes anxiety.

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