Friday, April 10, 2009

Cardiology Appointment

I called the Cardiologist office, but because of my moms upcoming surgery there was only really two dates I could get in and they were booked. So I have an appointment for May 1st at 1:40pm.

I asked if something bad shows up on my echo or 24 hour test if they will call me and let me know. He said that they would and would get me in right away. Hopefully nothing is wrong. There is only so much I can take right now.

So May 1st Cardiologist and May 8th Gastroenterologist.

I will be so glad when this heart monitor is off of me because I really feel like I need to take a nap, but I have to be awake for when it turns off so my father can take it back to the hospital for me.

I hope by May 1st my heart is just back to normal so there is nothing else I have to do. I am freaked out by what others tests the Heart and Stomach doctors will want me to do.

I called around to see if I could find a therapist that worked by phone since I can't get out of my apartment and my father is busy with work and my mom right now, so he can't take me. But there is no therapist I can find that does that.

Agoraphobia is one of the most common phobias yet not many people know what it is and it is very misunderstood. I can't help but wonder how many other agoraphobics right now are sitting at home unable to see a therapist to talk about things.

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