Saturday, November 14, 2009

Peripheral Arterial Disease Test

I went to the doctors on the 10th of Nov. It turns out the way it usually turns out, me leaving without feeling like I am being taken seriously. Before I saw the doctor I saw his assistant who of course asked me everything the doctor would later ask me.

I told him about my feet being cold and hands turning purple. I discussed how my blood pressure has been running low (for me [I am usually in the 120/80 to 110/70, but for over 2 months now I get readings of 90/60 and 89/57 {Which went low before I even quit smoking}, which for me is not all that normal) instead of listening to the fact that my blood pressure has been running on the low end, he wanted to ask why I was taking my blood pressure, how often I take it and and if I keep detailed records of it.

I knew where this was going and started to feel angry about it. I just said "because I am that what you want me to say?" He just said "I was just checking". I told him I check it because I get nervous in doctors offices and it spikes, so I was told by other doctors in the past to check it myself. I also check my blood pressure because years ago when I was a heavy drinker of alcohol it was high and I was told to monitor it to make sure I was getting it under control. Personally I feel it is none of there damn business why I check my blood pressure. I am not concerned about my habit of taking it only noticed a major change for me and reported it. My blood pressure at the doctors office was 102/70 (keep in mind that was me nervous).

He then tells me that home blood pressure monitors aren't accurate. I told him yes they are. I am so tired of hearing random bullshit from them. They are accurate. In fact my mom has to take hers often and she even brought hers into the doctors office to make sure and it was the same. Just like years ago when she had high blood pressure they checked and it was the same with another machine. Also notice if you take your temperature and report you have a fever no doctor asks "Why did you take your temperature?" or "Well thermometers aren't accurate." please kiss my ass.

I got no place on the blood pressure front. Nor did I get any place on the fact when I stand up my heart pounds and I feel breathless at times with a heavy feeling in my chest that lasts 15-30 seconds. When the doctor did finally come in he seemed to be interested in my cold feet, but not purple hands. That was another thing. My feet get cold and sometimes purple. My hands turn purple, but are not cold. They both didn't seem to be able to keep that straight and after enough dumb questions as it was I was asked "Now when they get cold is it in response to opening the refrigerator or opening a cold beverage" to which I replied "I don't usually open the refrigerator or open drinks with my hands do not get cold, just purple." Then he said it could be raynaud's phenomenon and I reminded him none of this happens in response to cold. It happens just as much as when I am warm. I also reminded him this stated in July of this year. See usually raynaud's phenomenon is not a big deal, but if it suddenly comes on in later adulthood it can be a cause of something more serious. He admitted he was confused since it isn't in response to cold.

To make an already long story short I am being sent to a local hospital to have my legs tested for PAD (Peripheral Arterial Disease [Arteriosclerosis of the extremities]) on the 19th of Nov. since he isn't sure what is wrong and as I sat on the exam table my feet were turning purple and my toe nails blue, he said my circulation response was good. My Oxygen level was 98% as well. I have no idea, but I do hope I don't have Peripheral Arterial Disease for several reasons. 1) I won't deal well with it emotionally and 2) I am not taking drugs to treat it at all. That I am sure is a shock for some to read, but this is a very educated decision on my part and the fact is that it is not just that I don't believe that statin drugs are unsafe, but I KNOW statin drugs are unsafe. For people that pray keep me in your thoughts because I really don't want to have to deal with that right now.

The purple hands I asked about. He has no idea what is causing it yet told me they usually use calcium channel blockers to treat it (Treat what? You don't even know what the reason is.) Also did anyone hear the fact that my blood pressure is on the lower end of normal and calcium channel blockers lower blood pressure? Sure my hands won't be purple..I will just be pasty white passed out on the floor.

I also got a referral from him for a sleep clinic since I wake up sometimes not breathing and gasp for air, roll over and go back to bed. It is uncomfortable when it happens, though not often. I have major sleep issues anyway. Now I have to wait for the sleep clinic to contact me to make and appointment, which the receptionist said can take up to 6 weeks for them to call me.

The plus side is my doctor told me that I no longer need written referrals for CDPHP if it is through medicaid and I could have just made the appointment myself. This was good to know and when I got home I made an appointment with the pulmonologist for Dec 8th, since maybe he will understand my breathing issues and lung pain (I mean seriously people I had part of my lung removed in 2000, do you think maybe some doctor would like to check into what I am feeling in the same lung as the surgery?) And I also made an appointment with the Gastro doctor for Jan 25th. I just hope they don't pull my insurance before all these appointments.

I don't think the doctors understand. My anxiety is bad when I see them. I am clam in my apartment and around my boyfriend, yet I am still sick then. I have had "anxiety" issues for many many years..this is very different and they need to start listening. (It also drives me crazy because I can't tell what is lasting effects from xanax or something new) I am usually a very nice person, but I can feel myself becoming a bitch. I don't like being questioned or second guessed anymore. I don't trust doctors after what happened to me with the benzo withdrawal, I was treated awful and frankly I have learned that for 2009, we aren't so advanced. If a doctor has no clue what is wrong with you, you will be told "It's just anxiety", "It's depression", "it's irritable bowel syndrome" blah blah....they say this without testing or even really listening to people.

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