Sunday, November 29, 2009

Peripheral arterial disease results

Nov. 24th, I called my primary care doctors office, to get my results for my peripheral arterial disease test, that I had at Albany Medical Center, on Nov 19th. Of course his office said that they didn't have it and told me to call the place I had the test done. So, I call over to that dept. in the hospital and they transferred me to their lab. The person at the lab said their computers were down and asked if I could call the following day to get my results.

The next morning (Nov 25th) at 8am I called the lab and asked for my results, which they had, but I was informed they could not tell me my results, that only the doctor who ordered the test (my primary care doctor) could otherwise it would be illegal. I would just like to say ok, fine, whatever, but seriously it was my test and my legs, so why the hell can't someone just tell me my results? So, she asked for his fax number, which I didn't know and so, she took his regular number and said she would call to get his fax number.

After I got off the phone with her I realized he would not be open till 9am, so I called his office to listen to his phone menu and see if his fax number was given, it was. I then called her back to give her the fax number. She said "Oh, I am glad you have it, because I called and he was closed" If she had just listened to the menu it gave an option for the fax number, but either way I am glad I called back and she faxed it over.

I forgot to mention I had been up all night because my sleeping has gone off track again. So, at 9am I called my doctors office only to hear the answering thing says they open at 930am, so I waited. At 930am I called back and the receptionist answered and I gave my information and why I was calling. She said they just got the fax and soon as a nurse and a doctor looked it over they would call me with my results. I asked her how long it would be because I had been up all night and really needed to get to sleep. She said "as soon as they look it over they will call you."

After I got off the phone I was worried that it would take them hours to get around to it. I was lucky and someone called me 5 minutes later. My results were normal. I am happy that I don't have peripheral arterial disease, but at the same time my feet and lower legs are still getting ice cold, sometimes so cold they hurt. This started in July 2009. So I assume next time I see him and bring it up again I will just be told "well your test is normal" and I will have to say "I know, I am glad, but my feet are still cold."

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