Friday, January 7, 2011

Nightmare 3:17am


Anonymous said...

Good lord! I'd have woke up screaming as well. I'm terrified of mice let alone a rat!
I told you about my mousey drama a couple of months back when they were working on the sewer lines on my block. Well- now they are working on the Cable Car lines on California Street- which is one of *the* major cable car lines- and i am just praying they dont emerge from there cuz alot of the work they are doing is below the ground.

Funny about the restaurant story. I'd have reacted the same way probably. Ages ago in my late teens, i worked for an Arby's in the food court of a mall. We had a few mice but they mainly came from the place next to us. Well- one day- mid lunch rush.. one runs across the counter while i am taking a customers order. And i was like "Holy shit!" and the customer freaked out as well. I kinda did a nervous laugh & said "If you want to cancel your order, i'd understand". They asked me "Do you eat here? And are they bad- as in are the all up in the food and stuff?" and i said "Yes- i eat here nearly every day & i wouldn't if they were that bad... " and then i whisper to them "But i'd get your soda somewhere else because we have a roach infestation in the fountain drink machine". They laughed.. and said that's good to know and ordered food anyway, sans drink.

Oddly enough- same food court.. i had previously worked at the McDonalds there. But man- they made us keep that place spic and span. You could literally eat off the floor there, honestly. And we never saw one mouse or roach and it was the same food court- just down a ways.

Anyways.. sorry about your mares. Hope you don't have it again. Eeek!
Take care, Bri.


Brian Underwood said...

I will eat if I see a mouse, or a roach. If I see a rat, like a big rat I won't lol. I thought of u after my dream actually.