Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kate Hudsons Dumb Ass Panic Attack Comment

Here is a recent video clip of Kate Hudson casually throwing around the words panic attack. I can't stand when people causally throw that term around because then when I and others who really have this problem tell people of our condition we are blown off. They have no clue what it is like to live with this and by some of the comments, which you will see below many people were not pleased.



Panic Attacks are serious matter, specially some one under stress and daily criticism, I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder and is nothing 2 laugh about, maybe years ago, when I didn't know and didn't have them, but now days my life and days are regulated by a pill that I call "Every six hours", it is horrible that ignorants out there can make fun or publish something so serious like a medical condition that diminish human balance and control."


Why do people in Hollywood laugh about Panic Attacks? Don't they know that there are people out there that have Anxiety Disorders and have panic attacks just about everyday? I have it and I have it so bad that I missed an entire year of high school because of it. They can put stars on there like 'oh gosh they had a panic attack we must tell everyone' what about the people like me? What do they do about them? People that have sometimes talked suicide. I would know because I have done that before. What about people that go to a therapist everyday because of it? Kate Hudson it is not a laughing matter. Real life and real people have this, it is a serious matter. Personal experience right here. So tell me why they don't put high school kids in the media because of panic attacks? Why wasn't I interviewed? Do you know why? Because the people in the real world are much lower on the status chain then stars. Come and here my story and then you would know how it feels. Listen to people with it."


I usually don't waste time watching airheads like these two kids, but the "panic attack" title got my attention. Lo and behold (no surprise) Kate doesn't have a clue what a real panic attack is...nor does she care that she is disparaging literally millions of Americans (alone) who have this crippling disorder. I've had it for 30 years, and as you two seem to know, it is hell. Give me asthma, anything but cancer, but agoraphobia/panic attacks are nothing at all to joke about. I'm in the health care field...actually to help patients because I've been there....and sometimes you never truly get to leave. It's terrifying, more disabling and life-changing than diabetes (and similar as both come from chemical disorders in the brain)....however, because of very ignorant can tell everyone that you have diabetes. But for some reason, people are so uninformed and prejudiced about "mental issues", we don't tell. We need to teach them!"


Well thanks Cyncushinan 4 you comment, very appropriate, maybe some one gets 2 see it and take some conditions that others get 2 ignore more seriously, and me as well would rather have anything but this, is a prison inside myself, a neurological condition that has ruined my life and has me reinventing myself every time I have a breakdown, hopefully what she had was stress related and not the real stuff, cuz as young as she is, it wont be pretty."

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