Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I was bored

Because I was bored the other night I decided to go on craigslist and post a fake post. I do this from time to time to entertain myself, sometimes I get tired of talking about myself on the blog. So maybe sometimes I will post my fake stories on here for your entertainment. Below is my post and the replies are under it:

"I have been sitting here wondering all night what I should do. I was on welfare for years and finally got myself off last year by becoming a stripped at a local club.

Most the girls there are on drugs, but I only dabble in them....pretty much stayed clean. I have a long term bf and he knows about my job and he doesn't care because he stays at home with my 4 kids.

I get most of my money from private lap dances in the back room and though no sex officially goes on...of course we all know it does. That part I have kept from my bf.

A few months ago this guy laid down $1000 in twenty dollar bills if he could do me without a condom. I would have said no, but there was some extra bills I had to pay and I let him.

Well I am pregnant and my bf thinks it is his and it could be. This is not something I can really hide from him if it turns out not to be his kid because the man I slept with was black and my bf is white.

I am very pro-life and go to church every week so I can't bring myself to have an abortion I see that as a major sin. So even though this is rant and rave and you will all bash me....what would you do in my shoes??"

Below are some of the replies:

"Your boyfriend is an idiot, he stay at home and watches your four kids? Are these kids even his? Does he work? Is he on welfare?

You are a horrible person. Not only are you carrying another mans child you may have also exposed your stupid boyfriend to a number of STDs when you f***ed this guy.

You are truly a whore.

1000$ dollars. What a waste.

If you have one good bone in your body you will tell your jerk off boyfriend what you did (he will most likely just brush it off, because where else is he going to find a busted stripper with four kids to cheat on him and pay the bills). You should also give your children up for adoption to spare them the embarrassment of growing up knowing their mom is a dirty whore.

Your story sickens me."

"The best thing you could do is leave your "long term" Bf. You dont love him or you wouldnt be spreading your legs for other men! No respect at all for your so called Bf! you sleep with guys not knowing what diseases they may have and then go and sleep with your bf and he as you say has no idea your a whore!! S*it you dont love yourself! You have no Respect for your body, No self esteem, No dignity or any decency. Your a cheap, Slut, Skank, Whore PROSTITUTE!.. Lets define prostitute in case your unsure of what the definition for prostitute means.----------S 230.00 Prostitution.
A person is guilty of prostitution when such person engages or agrees
or offers to engage in sexual conduct with another person in return for
a fee.
Prostitution is a class B Misdemeanor. Imagine that,, It's against the law!

Why do you want advice now? It does not appear that you have the knowledge and concept of right and wrong. My advice is you should tell your so called "long term boyfriend" the truth and be honest -- Something you havent been all along!! That men pay you money for you to sleep with them and that your a prostitute. Tell him a black man paid you $1,000 dollars to sleep with you for unprotected sex and now your pregnant and your not sure if the babys his kid or the black mans kid.---------- Nah, I dont think you can be honest and tell him the truth after all you kept this a secret from him so tells me you know exactly what you were doing and honesty dont mean anything to you in a relationship. You have no respect for your bf, Your not really in love with your bf or you wouldnt be spreading your legs for other men. Your bf must be two sandwiches short of a picnic if he cant tell your loose like a revolving door from all those men... Unless you were lose from the get go!! I'm willing to bet you;ll think of some lie or story to tell him.. Why be honest now?!?!"

"Idiot, she already said hubby knows it may not be his child.

Anyway, as a mother, I assume your recent actions are due to a need to take care of your children, not to fuel a raging crack addiction. I am a two time college graduate and recently have thought that I, too, should do something with my body to make some money to better support my little guy. Assuming I am correct, you need to either put this baby up for adopation or get an abortion. I know being a mother that the idea of an abortion is almost unthinkable, but you can't be out of work that long to take care of this child. My only question to you is, why didn't you take your 1,000 bucks go to ANY pharmacy and get the morning after pill? I know it currently costs 53$ but geeze you had a grand in your pocket. you could have tried to prevent this pregnancy, hell run in the bathroom and throw the film (birth control product) up your crotch befor work every night. I do not envy your plight, but I do understand (if my assumptions are indeed correct) that you were doing what you thought best at that moment. Be brave, and do what is right."

"I suggest contacting an adoption agency....there is a local one that is great (Friends in Adoption...Clifton Park & Vermont). You will have to come clean with the boyfriend & we can all assume that relationship is over. You need to start making good choices for yourself & kids, even if they aren't the easiest choices. Good luck!"

"How much for a BJ?"

"Why don't you try NOT being a stripper and a whore? Get off the ur fat ass (and the pole) and get a real job like the rest of us. Take care of your kids properly and take a shot at turning your life around. U might be surprised at what happens!"

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