Monday, October 27, 2008

Keith Is Back Home

I picked Keith up from the airport yesterday afternoon. His trip went O.K.

I however did not end up quitting smoking and I am still disappointed by that. After 48 hours of not smoking my mother and I had an argument on the phone. Unable to handle stress without a cigarette and already in major withdrawal I drove to the gas station and bought a pack of cigarettes. I ended up smoking 12 in a row like a feen. Then I broke all the rest up and threw them out and stopped again.

Less than 24 hours later, Keith called me and had broken some promises to me and I caught him in a lie. I won't get into details because I try to keep our relationship private. But needless to say I drove at 4am to the supermarket and bought another pack of cigarettes.

As of now here is how the smoking is going. We are both smoking outside only. I refuse to smoke in the house. I don't care how cold it gets outside or if it is pouring rain, if I want a cigarette that bad I will just have to smoke it outside. Also I told Keith to no longer buy me cigarettes. If I want them bad enough I have to go out on my own and get them.

I will beat this addiction. I just hope I do before I end up with lung cancer or another smoking related disease.

My next serious attempt will be Tuesday afternoon. I will not bore you guys with the details, but promise as soon as I get one week without smoking I will let all of you know.

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