Sunday, March 7, 2010

FSC Cigarettes

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superdale: "Just how much damage have they done, and what is yet to come ?

Why am I getting so upset, when all that it probably is, just a little bit of harmless, governmentally dispensed, genocide. Hmmmmmm... You know what, it's probably, just to be certain, we don't injure ourselves, right ?

You wanna know what else ? They've got it covered all the way around. If, you should fall over dead while consuming this super poisoned contraption and it creates a house fire, killing the rest of your family, you will be able to take solace . No one will ever blame it on your habit because, you were, indeed, using fire standard compliant smokes . Finally, the most ironic part of it all will be when, the fire inspector's report concludes that, you simply just fell asleep, during a house fire, of a new, mysterious and unknown origin.

But seriously, if you don't want to die many, many more times sooner than before, then you should do just as I did and vow to never smoke another FSC (fire standard compliant cigarette) . Alternatively though, I will,(especially now) continue to smoke tobacco in any form until it has been made entirely illegal . Also, if things don't change by that time, I will have considered this nation unfit for habitation by freedom loving individuals such as myself.

These new and much more effecient, liver killing, death sticks had me sick for 6 months ! I had no Idea what was causing it until January, 1, 2010. I almost died ! I already had a liver condition . Thanks for the "heads up" "big brother".

But wait, theres even more ! Do you feel a lump in your throat ? Is your chest on fire ? Having palpitations, overly accelerated pulse rate, insomnia, anxiety and/or mental depression ? Pulmonary edema , severe weakness, headaches, dizziness, kidney problems ? Are you having any symptoms of central nervous system depression, confusion, hoarseness, an inability to sleep in a horizontal posistion,and much , much more ?

When you get sick and you visit your Dr. he or she may have trouble diagnosing your condition . If so, just ask to be checked for ethylene vinyl acetate (carpet glue) and napthalene (moth ball) poisoning . Also, (this is important) don't forget to mention that you have been burning and inhaling it at, what are apparently, toxic levels !

I would like to thank nanny government and all of the great many social engineers who are working so hard on my behalf . Now , instead of taking up to what could have been decades to kill myself, I can use the new and improved, fsc death stick, and potentialy, do the job in as little as a matter of months.

But seriously, smoker's will now start to drop like flies, and you know what they will have to say , "Now you know, as we have already told you, smoking is very dangerous". I have been a smoker for 30 years and have never had any symtoms other than an occasional cough until, the stealthy introduction of the fsc's.

60 million, demonized and bullied US.citizens, may not seem to be that big of a percentage compared to the rest population but, 60 million people can completely blow the (always closed) doors from this crooked government and the rest of it's perverted, twisted , greedy, narcissistic, social engineers ! 60 million voters can create a heck of a large swing vote . If we will all speak together our voice will be, overwhelmingly loud. Let our voice not, go unheard ! Once again, let freedom ring !

Call , write or e-mail your state and federal representaives and don't forget to register and VOTE !

In case you haven't already done so, don't forget to sign and if you wish, leave a comment on the rather large and fast growing petition at,

Just in case, you are still a skeptical anti-smoker and don't believe any of this, then I dare you, (with your heart) to just read a few pages of the comments made. A lot of these unwitting victims of this atrocity will undoubtedly now have to suffer for life.

Wouldn't you expect to have been advised If the toxicity of your favorite medications , make-up or food additives you have come to depend upon, been increased, substantialy ?

Self destruction is human nature. You choose your vehicle, I will choose mine .

Disclaimer, I am not affiliated with any tobacco or nicotine product manufacturing, promotions, sales, shipping and/or otherwise."

1276: "Well, *I* will be quitiing in North Carolina...! The new law (for FSC cgiarettes) went into effect Jan 1st of 2010 and I KNEW something was very wrong after just smoking one carton of the things... I can no longer even cough up flem (sp?) (affecting my lung capacity as my lings now seem to be full of congestion), it has really affected my breathing and I feel sick to my stomach and also am having breathing problems like my lungs cannot get air...

Screw it...! *I* amd going to quit smoking... It took THIS to make me WANT to quit after smoking for 50 years... Never thought ANYTHING 'could' make me 'want to' stop smoking but THIS will most certainly 'do it'...!"

ismokereds: "yeah i have not been feeling "right" since smoking these. extreme headaches, dizziness, heart racing and very tired all the time."

justwondering: "these things have made me sick every since i started smoking them i was wondering if they done the same to others i have had sore throat , heart racing, tightness in my chest, very scarey. we need to do something to get our old smokes back for now i have quit."

concered: "fsc cigs are making people experience symptoms such as headache, nausea, vomiting, etc. symptoms are more likely the closer together you smoke each cig"


Marie said...

Yeah I am sorry. I just have no sympathy for smokers. Maybe because growing up in high school/college MANY smoked. And MANY tried to get me try it. You know just once. I did this amazing thing and said NO. How sucking in burning smoke could be appealing is beyond me. I understand how addictive they can be. My ex fiance is on his 5th or 6th attempt to quit. But still, no one MADE you the first time.

Brian Underwood said...

Marie, you honestly think it is OK for the government and companies to add an ingredient that is making people violently ill because you think it is a bad habit and no one made them smoke?

Potato chips are bad for people. We know that, so if the government or companies added arsenic to them and you became ill people should just say..well that is what you get for eating them, they are bad for you friends in high school ate them, but I didn't so oh well.

People amaze me. Seriously, carpet glue is now in the cigarette paper, causing people a host of illness they did not have before it was added and you think that is fine because you have no "sympathy"?

That seems to be a major problem with people, they lack sympathy and empathy where it is needed.

You let this happen and not care, just wait till something happens to one of the products you use and people don't give a shit and have no sympathy either.

214Bren said...

The FSC started in Florida or I noticed in around Sept 2009. I ended up in the ER 3 times because I couldn't breathe. All tests came back normal. Other things sinus infections one after another. Tired feeling. Needless to say I stopped smoking because I realized it was the FSC cigs. and my chest felt like it was being crushed and I wanted that feeling to stop.

self righteous non-smokers can make comments all they want I was sick as a dog and never told about the new chemical that was being added.

Gwendolyn said...

My husband has had chest pains, uncontrolled blood pressure, has had dizzy spells and went to the extent of having an angiogram. He is 39! I have had bouts of severe vomitting. Needless to say we have stopped smoking the FSC and all our symptoms are GONE!!! Tell me that FSC is not full of killer chemicles.

Dannette92 said...

i have been sick since thanksgiving ,i was in the hospital with trouble breathing... was back again same thing put with chest pains was kept over nite so they can run some test on my HEART everything came back fine so they sent me home still not feeling right, whatever didnt realize it could be the cigs until this past sat when i was talking to a friend telling her i am getting alot of head aches and she it could be the cigs well it is , i am short of breath , nausea , headaches , dizzy , and vomiting so of course i am going to quit i had my last one this morning so we will see

Anonymous said...

If you really don't want to quit smoking,why don't you all just smoke rollies?I'm not American,so I don't have this problem with my cigs,although they could've started adding that crap in the UK,but I roll my own ciggies so even if they have I'm not affected.So if its really that bad,roll your own!

Anonymous said...

I also can't stand the taste, I need to take harder drags , normally I take about 4 or 5 drags of every cigarrette, now I need to take 10 or 12 to keep it lit. I get Headaches, Tightness in my chest, Nausea, and Dizziness. I roll my own now when I can. These fsc are going to kill me faster! GET RID OF THEM!!!!!!!

CapeFlo said...

Each new law is shrinking our freedom. :( USA is becoming less free every day.
I am kind of puzzled though about the chemicals... All the websites say that all they did was add strips of heavier paper to the cigs... I think there are chemicals just because I cough a lot when I smoke.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the website, Brian.
My wife and I have been seriously pondering what the hell was going on with our Salem cigs. We've been experiencing the exact same symptoms at the exact same time too. The shitty flavor, the constant heavy mucus, tightness of the chest, The "morning hang-over" feeling like I've been drinking all night long!! I stopped at the tobacco store and picked up a pack of Natural American Spirit cigs. that have no additives, no chemicals, no FSC! After smoking just a half pack of them confirms my suspicion that they have tampered with the tobacco in the FSC cigs. it's not the paper.

Matt S. said...

Not a smoker, but I'm allergic to carpet glue, so I sympathize.

But please, throw the cigarettes away and give up the nasty habit.

Of my four immediate smoker neighbors from when we moved into this house 20 years ago, three are dead. The only one still alive kicked the habit 8 to 10 years ago and will never go back.

AnimeFanRenaChan said...

I so despise the quit or die mentality often displayed by non-smokers. Since the tax rise and the advent of FSC in traditional cigarettes, my husband and I have switched to electric cigarettes. Just nicotine and propolyne glycol (found in asthma inhalers and fog machines). These are the future of smoking, although the FDA has tried to ban them.

Chris67 said...

I can't believe we weren't told about this. I will roll my own if I have to. FSC's are horrible. They taste disgusting. I have had headaches, hives, nausea, dizziness, sore throats, and heart palpitations since they added this chemical. You can't even taste the tobacco. It's bad enough with all the chemicals in regular cigarettes. They aren't even safer. I've had flare ups, hot ash fall on me, etc. I will be writing my state's representatives. I thought this was America? I would at least like the choice of regular or fsc cigarettes, so those that want to smoke carpet glue, can.

Anonymous said...

ive been rolling my own cigarettes for years now. these days i smoke (pretty much exclusively) peter stokkebye's london export and amsterdam shag. recently i bought a can of each and immediately noticed something being wrong with the amsterdam shag (although the london export seems to be fine). it doesnt taste quite the same (although it doesnt taste like real BAD or anything, it just doesnt taste quite right tho). it doesnt hit as it should either. like youve got to hit it much harder and youre not getting as much smoke as you should. do you think that this could be because its fsc now or what? any info you might have would be much appreciated. please contact me at thanks

Justin said...

I have been smoking these for a few months now and yes I feel like total ass. I will be trying as hard as ever to relinquish these preposterous death sticks. TY for the website and to whom posted this on

To those of you who use average rolling paper to roll better and organic tobacco's, I've been told FSC will be coming to those as well...So keep your eyes open.

Anonymous said...

I tried Brians experiment of taking the tobacco out of a cigarette and burning just the paper. I first shined a very bright light down the paper tube but I couldn't see anything out of the ordinary. However smell the smoke coming off the burning paper. It smells just like the filter when it gets burnt but it was just the paper.

Brian Underwood said...

What experiment? I did not conduct an experiment on cigarettes...hmmm

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brian, I thought that was you who emptied the cigarette and burned the paper. My apology, I've been smoking glue loaded cigarettes for 2 months now and it's having an effect. ;)

Marie said...

No I do think it is right for them to "sneak" it in there but come on....what do you think is in those things? Something healthy and good for you that will make you feel good? There has to be some personal responsibility. It is not like you are eating an apple (which is healthy) and being poisoned by some unknown chemical. Although we are in a way from pesticides. Same with the meat we eat that is now loaded up with hormones and antibiotics. So I chose to seek out local farms that raise their animals free of that and I get my meat there. Free of chemicals. It just does not make sense to get mad because a chemical is added to a product that you are willingly using that you already KNOW is most likely going to kill you.

Brian Underwood said...

Marie, it makes a big difference between people knowing the known risks and making a choice and a whole other thing when something is done to a product that is causing smokers to suddenly have unexpected results. It is not ok for something to be done to cigarettes (or any product) without proper testing of the effects on humans. It is small minded to think otherwise. Cigarettes like it or not are a legal product in the United States. Just because you don't like something does not make it ok for people to be harmed (outside of the dangers that are already understood by smokers).

Lets for a second drop the health issue. FSC cigarettes are marketed as being more Fire Safe. The idea was to prevent 900-1000 deaths in fires a year caused by them. However with a little reading you will find smokers cigarettes are sparking and/or the head of the cigarette is falling out causing burns. How Fire safe does that sound?

Again we will have to agree to disagree I guess, because I don't care what the product is, harming people further and indeed faster is not ok with me.

I do like that you brought up "personal responsibility", because I think it is the personal responsibility of the smoker to not fall asleep drunk in bed with a lit cigarette and not the nanny government changing cigarettes to prevent fires (Which there is no proof this will do). What is has shown to do so far is create a fire hazard and cause personal injury.

Lisa K said...

First I would like to say I sat here reading all the comments. I am shocked as a person who does not smoke that this can be allowed to happen.

Second I am concerned about some people who think this is no big deal. It just seems heartless to me. I can honestly say that I am sure everyone has friends or family members who smoke. It is not my place to judge them for deciding to smoke. Correct me if I am wrong but how could a smoker have foreseen this chemical being added. They were not notified as far as I can tell. This took place after they were already addicted to the cigarettes and quitting from what I understand is no easy feat.

Third I went to google and did some searches. I am surprised at what a problem this is causing people.

Anonymous said...

My hubby's been smoking for nearly 30yrs now and i have for approx. 5yrs. We had no idea this new chemical was being added until we got a pack and it kept sparking out of nowhere and then fizzling out. Not to mention, they tasted HORRIBLE! So, the local convenient store told us about the new FSC paper and that Camel(at the time) hadn't switched yet, so we tried them and immediately could taste, feel and breathe the difference. Unfortunately, it wasn't long after that they too went to FSC paper. Now, we are both caughing a lot, congested, tired,etc..I even was coughing up some kind of gel-like substance from my lungs.
We decided to switch to e-cigarettes. They are far cheaper, taste better and don't have all the chemicals and we still get our nicotine. They are great, even if you're picky about your cigs (which my man definitely is).
Why not roll my own? Well, we did that for quite some time but they started yet another tax on loose tobacco which made it cost more for that than buying prepackaged, when it used to be far cheaper. Screwed us over every way they could. Now, that they are trying to kill every smoker with the new FSC paper; wondering what's next, if that's not quick enough.

Anonymous said...

All i can add is that it makes me SO glad i was forced by a medical condition to give up smoking 5 years ago.

On the same note- i still have 2 packs of Benson & Hedges from 5 years ago as well in the back of my cupboard somewhere. Even being that old i bet they'd taste better than what is being done with cigs today.

And while it was no easy thing to do- quit smoking when i did not want to give them up.. as a former smoker i will never EVER be one of those pious folks who judge people who still do. In fact- sometimes when i am walking down the street and catch a waft of one from someone in front of me- it doesnt bug me at all. I have friends who smoke ALOT when we go out to the pub i go to and i don't have a problem siitting around the table while three of them are going at it like chimney's. I am lucky to not have an aversion to it i suppose.

I still miss smoking alot of times but in light of this- now i know for sure i will never pick one up again.

Nice to see this topic generate such a lively debate, Brian.

warren said...

Their seems to be a lot of people who are confused about why the fsc's were made into law. The fsc's are indeed wolves in sheeps clothing. These cigarettes are many times more addictive by design. Consequently the fsc's are also much more toxic. FSC's had to be made law nationwide or otherwise customers would just change brands or shop elsewhere. The motivation behind all of this is simply, money.

For more insight visit,

Sick Of FSC! said...

Great Blog Brian. Yea, the FSC cigarettes are horrible. I have smoked for a very long time and never even had so much as a cough. Once I started smoking the FSC cig, I coughed, got nauseated, headaches, etc...
I have read that a lot of people are having severe allergic reactions from these cigs. I think that is probably it. I know some people are having only mild symptoms. Even if ONE person fell ill to this, there should be something done, and fast. I just don't understand this at all. Where is the FDA. They want to regulate what we eat, why aren't they regulating the carpet glue laced cigs? This is poison.

I have found a way around it tho. I still buy my favorite brand. I went and bought an electric cigarette rolling machine, and tubes with filters, I empty out the tobacco and re-roll it. It is still not 100% free of the Vinyl Acetate, I can tell, due to it still makes me a tad bit nauseous, but at least it is better than what I was smoking. Some say you can microwave them, but that doesn't do anything to them, except stink your house up with the glue. They still make you sick if you microwave, don't try it.
I can't believe this has happened in our country. I can't believe someone let this happen, and I sure can't beleive someone hasn't done one thing to change this.

Please call your Congressmen, Also contact your State Reps, let them know.. If you don't, it will never change.

They say the FDA will review this in June, but how many people will be dead by then?

I emailed one of the Coalition For FSC cigarettes members. HA HA HA, what a joke. She told me that people would get used to it. She also said she had not heard of such complaints. Well either this lady is never on the internet, or she is death, dumb, and blind.

Sorry for the rant...

Anonymous said...

Blogger Marie said...

Yeah I am sorry. I just have no sympathy for smokers. Maybe because growing up in high school/college MANY smoked. And MANY tried to get me try it. You know just once. I did this amazing thing and said NO. How sucking in burning smoke could be appealing is beyond me. I understand how addictive they can be. My ex fiance is on his 5th or 6th attempt to quit. But still, no one MADE you the first time.

March 8, 2010 4:03 AM
I think if people would have known this would happen, they would have never picked up the first cigarette. You are just like everyone else...blame the smoker. No, this is something that is serious, and is not something the smoker deserves.

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed the videos.
Not a smoker but am interested in trying to get people to stop smoking that filth.