Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I quit smoking

So, on Sept. 18th 2009 at 3:20am I smoked my last cigarette and quit cold turkey (11 days ago). The first few days were a bit uncomfortable, but after not to bad. I only get a craving here and there for one now and it doesn't last long.

Quitting is not as hard as other people or even yourself make it out to be. What I found to be helpful was... the first 3 days sleep as much as possible. I also found not thinking to be helpful. Don't focus on the fact that you quit. Soon as your mind starts to show pleasing images from the past, think of something else. Also the whole myth from anti-smoking sites that claim a craving will only last a few minutes is a bunch of bull. I had a craving around the third day that lasted almost 3 hours. I didn't think I would get past that, but I did.

My moms CT scan came back clear. The doctors couldn't see the liver cancer on the scan, so they ran a PET scan a few days later. The PET scan has also come back clear. She is too weak to have liver surgery, but the doctor said that is OK because they can't see anything right now anyway, so if the cancer is still there it is to small to be picked up on the scan. She will be having her chemo drugs changed soon, since she is having problems with her current cocktail. She will also be continuing chemo till Jan. 2010. I think she will have more scans in 3 months.


Shannon said...

Congratulations on quitting smoking and your Mom's results.
I chain smoked for 7 years when I was younger and quit cold turkey too. I had one fallback after a big fight one night with my boyfriend and then never picked up a cigarette again. Now I can barely handle the smell of smoke and I'm ultra-sensitive to it on other's clothing and in the air.
Lemon water helps me whenever I have a craving for anything. Or just lemon juice straight.

Anonymous said...

The hardness of quitting is different for everyone. So please don't undermine someone elses having a very hard time with it. I smoked for 22 years.. and it was hard as hell to quit. I did not have a choice- period. Which seemed to make it that much harder.

I am glad you are finding it so much easier than i did, though. Just please don't assume everyone is just playing up the fact that is is a tough thing to do. It's different for everyone.

That said- i hope you are well, Brian!
Take care


Dino robot from the future said...

my dad stooped cemo 3 or so weeks ago and so i know how it is.. just wanted to ask, did u ever try Zoloft? that's what i figure my shrink will give after i see him..