Friday, December 24, 2010

How To Brainwash Yourself

In my last blog I mentioned my interest in brainwashing. In the past two years I noticed that it is possible to brainwash yourself. Maybe brainwash is not entirely the correct term, more like shift yourself around.

I learned that if you force yourself to watch that which you disagree with and you watch/listen/read about it long enough you can shape your thought patterns. You will no longer disagree with that which you hated. The key is to never get lost in your own brainwashing.

For example:

Lets say you are a Democrat. You are the type of person who likes the Huffington Post, Nancy Pelosi, MSNBC, you voted for Obama. For the sake of argument this is you. Now what you must do to brainwash yourself is cut it all out of your life. Download Republican podcasts, watch Fox News, listen to Michael Savage, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. All of your free time should be saturated with Republican information.

At first it will be boring to you. It will make you angry. You will wonder.."How can they say that?", "How can anyone believe this?". As time goes on...a few weeks.. you will notice that you agree with some of their points, this will happen more and more. This is actually your brain making new a way it is making a new person. After about 2 to 3 months you will agree most of the time with them and actually start to view Democrats as stupid and weak. The longer you let this go on the more and more you will be completely brainwashed in the Republican propaganda and actually truly believe it.

This works both ways. A Republican can reverse it and do the same. So what is the point?

Well here is where you have to be careful. You can not allow the brainwashing to completely take hold or you risk the possibility of forgetting that you in fact did brainwash yourself. The point however is to take the time and force yourself to be brainwashed in one direction and then in the other direction later. Then stop. You are now free. You see the whole picture and you now no longer like either party, but equally hate both, seeing them for what they really are.

This can also be used as a tool to "deprogram" yourself from years of programs you don't even know you have. It can not be stressed enough that you must have willpower, you must fill your life with whatever it is that you are brainwashing yourself with and NEVER forget to remain aware that you are indeed brainwashing yourself. By remain aware I don't mean put a guard up to it or it will not take hold as fast, but I mean casually remember daily what you are doing to yourself.

Other useful ways to use this after you have taken the time to free yourself up from old programs is to play with your own personality and adjust your own mind to see what happens and who you become. Witness how you start to change and how your thought patterns are now different. The best way to change yourself is to saturate yourself with that which you hate. Hate Rap music? Listen to it all day long. Read about it online. I promise you will eventually love it and oh how boring Pop music will seem. Watch your attitude change and the choices you make as your mind prompts and draws you to that which you fill it with.

You are already being brainwashed all the time and are completely unaware of it. This way at least you pick the programs. You really can change everything by what you shove inside your head.

Now here is the exception. I like to called them "brain nodes". There are parts of you so embedded, so protected by the mind and such a deeply held belief it would take a lot longer to change them. How long I don't know because to date I have been unable to change my own "brain nodes". I will give an example:

You have a women who deeply believes in Jesus and the Church. To her any information to the contrary is in her mind from the Devil himself and the second doubt tries to slip in, her brain will keep discarding the information to "protect" itself from losing her Jesus. This like I said is the flaw in what I have learned. I would love to change or erase my own "brain nodes".

Some of my "brain nodes" are rooted in fears that I have. Long standing fears of 15+ years. They are very rooted in all aspects of my life, so to change those would take more effort on my part or a technique that I have yet to teach myself.

Don't believe me? Try it. Just remember do not try to change a "brain node" this way because it seems at this time it does not work. As soon as you see how malleable your brain is you will become hooked to changing it. The reward will be a more free mind, a clarity that little possess and others will have a harder time controlling you because you can spot the game much more quickly.

I am currently again doing this to myself. I always read books. This time I am bombarding myself with movies, mostly horror films. I am sticking a few non-horror in there if it serves a purpose to me, meaning the direction I want my brain to go. Here is what I have forced myself to watch in the past 36 hours:

And Soon the Darkness --

Inception --

Get Him to the Greek --

Religulous --

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World --

Kurt Cobain About a Son --

Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter --

Dread --

Dark Mirror --

In my next blog I will post what else since this blog I have watched. For now all the light fluff is out of my life. No watching Wendy Williams, The View etc. No more books. Audio and Video will be used only. The audio if not horror related will be punk rock music.

**Warning** You are responsible for the direction you take your brain and there can be unwanted changes. For example you can start to be a more violent person, so monitor yourself and change things up if necessary.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you watch a film called "The Madness of King George" -- this is not a knock against your brainwashing ideas, but I think it will enlighten you that people too can be trained like circus animals. It doesn't mean you've really changed anybody.

Brian Underwood said...

OK tonight I took the time to watch that film. I have to say, while the film was decent and educational, it had nothing to do with what I was talking about. That being said, to anyone what reads these comments I do recommend the watching of that film.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was so interesting! And helpful... Kind of. :/ I'm 100% sure I understand how it works, but it just seems too...easy. Isn't there other methods that have more obvious and rapid changes?

I'm not complaining, I'm just asking.

You're amazing to me.