Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mayo Clinic

If you follow my blog you remember on Fathers Day I went to the ER after my heart went to 155-160 beats a minute for 24 hours and was bugging out. About 36 hours after I left the ER it went back to its normal high self. Oddly, since then it has slowed down..don't get me wrong I still have hours or a day where it acts up bad..but I have been getting a lot of standing readings of 87-106 and for me that is crazy great. lol

The weird thing is since the ER my stomach is all twisted up, which I posted about in the blog before this one. Now my main complain is how sick my stomach is. Keith noticed because I stopped bitching about my heart and swapped over to my stomach and digestive tract. I don't know, I know people say 6- 18 to 6-36 months for benzo damage to heal...maybe I am going into the next phase of it and now it is upsetting my stomach..who knows. This whole experience had been odd and long, very very long.

I am in month 17 since I stopped.

OK so here is something else weird. The first 12 months off benzos I became phobic of sex. The idea made me feel queasy and almost faint like. Then like magic the idea no longer bothered me and it was just over. Also since I stopped Xanax I have not been my normal creative least to the level I once was. I just sat online and read books. About a week ago I woke up and felt like that was back.

It was like someone turned a light switch on and all my creative ideas flowed back. I made a few web sites and started coming up with money making ideas, which is completely the old my point is maybe I am still healing up.

I can honestly say my mind seems to be 99% back to what it was since the drug, now my body really needs to catch up because that is only about 50% back to my normal.

I am convinced that benzo withdrawal can trigger POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Speaking of which I got an email yesterday from the Mayo Clinic (I had sent a video about my heart rate and showed how it behaves). They said they passed it along to a doctor there for consideration. The only good news that I hold onto about POTS is that if the med. did trigger that in me 80% of people get well from it within 5 years. So, I figure by 2014 I should be good to go lol.

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