Sunday, July 5, 2009

H. Pylori, Medicaid and fuck you list.

So I got a maybe answer for myself as to what is happening to me in part. I by far have many problems, but I am pretty sure I have figured some of it out on my own as usual.

Last night my heart rate was 106 and I was unable to eat all day. At 3am in the morning I was throwing up as quiet as I could, so I wouldn't wake my mother up. Soon after I threw up my heart rate was 118.

I went into the bathroom closet and saw Ultra Strength Tums. It said take two, so being mad and irresponsible I took four. The last Tum I sucked on till it was gone. Shortly after this my heart rate fell into the 90s and minutes later into the 70s. 15 minutes later I felt hungry out of no where and made a sandwich. I noticed when I took a deep breath it no longer hurt and I started to feel emotionally well as well. This effect lasted a few hours and then I was back to being sick feeling.

Tonight I repeated this experiment. Only my heart rate did not fall as fast. It took about an hour for it to go from 107 to 86. However I was smoking before I did this, so it is possible the cigarettes that I smoked kept it high.

Now I have tested positive for H. Pylori on one of my ER visits and yet nothing has been done about that. I assume I have an ulcer and the pain from it is stimulating my vagus nerve and causing the high heart rate. It would also explain why for quite sometime I have had all these "food intolerances" that have no rhyme or reason and cause my heart to race. Yet another thing I have been telling doctors and nurses for years and just get a funny look. After all everything is "Just Anxiety".

I am going to demand a bowel sample test Tuesday to confirm an active H. Pylori infection and then if it comes back positive again, I will treat it. I also am going to ask for a bowel sample test to confirm there is no microscopic blood esp. since I was told I have Ulcerative Colitis in 1994.

Xanax can be used as an anti-nausea drug and it could be the whole time I was on it it was suppressing my stomach issues that were going unchecked for years now. Hence coming off xanax allowed for the vomiting to start again or the withdrawal aggravated it further. The Paxil I took that day that I fainted may have irritated the lining of my stomach further causing the fast heart rate I have continued to have since that day. Again I am guessing at all this and frankly I should not have too. This is the doctors job and not mine, yet I find myself for hours a day trying to put the pieces together.

Again there is so many issues going on, and this is only part of it, yet I am thankful I may have found an answer to some of it.

At this time I would like to give a big FUCK YOU to the following people and hospitals for making me feel crazy and ignoring the severe suffering I have been going through for months now.

1) Dr. Theodore H. Zeltner, MD
Suite 114
2 Clara Barton Drive
Albany, NY 12208

You by far get my biggest Fuck You because I went to you at my sickest. You half ass listened to me. Told me I was not making any sense and when I asked you for a 24 hour heart monitor, you yelled and said "No you don't get to ask me for anything." You also slammed your notes shut and stormed out like a giant infant when I refused more psych drugs because I was too sick to have more side effects at that time. You half assed read the information I gave you and took our private matter into the hall for others to hear. When I told you how I fainted you said "So what you fainted." When I told you how sick that dose of paxil made me you said that I was wrong and hyperventilated, which was not the case at all and told me how you are "the expert". You aren't an expert, you are just "The Asshole."

2) Albany Medical Center ER
43 New Scotland Avenue
Albany, NY 12208

You get a fuck you because you were my first stop, when my heart rate went to 140 and stayed there. I explained to you that I have had anxiety and panic attacks for 18 years and this had never happened. I explained to you it started after the paxil dose and how soon after I came off xanax I was unable to hold down food and had been vomiting for weeks. Your wisdom for me, in the absence of any blood work and just an EKG was "Eat pizza.". This is what you told me when I tell you that I can not hold down food and many liquids. Then you gave me a little print out all about panic attacks as if after 18 years I had no clue what they were and sent me on my way.

3) My father gets a fuck you and a continuing fuck you for watching me suffer and doing nothing to try to help me. You could at any point in time stood up for me and told these doctors how sick your son was and this is not how I have always been. You instead have ignored me as I cried, vomited, couldn't eat. You watch me as I sit in a bedroom all day long and never once ask how I am feeling and if I actually offer the information about how I feel you walk away. You have yelled at me about being sick and have made this whole experience more awful than it has had to be.

There will be more on my fuck you list as time goes on, but that is enough for now. I only hope that I get some answers soon, because I do not want to be sick anymore. I am tired of tracking down what is wrong with me and I hope to God, that the stomach issues is a major cause of all this.

On a bright note. I have health insurance now. I actually got medicaid, for the next 6.

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