Thursday, September 1, 2011

You Are Lazy


Anonymous said...

OMG!! who are you to call people lazy for being over weight?!?! I've never been fat, I actually have been skinny all my life so I'm not responding in regards to feeling attacked in any way. I just think you should take a closer look at yourself before passing judgement on other people. I have friends that are very active people that still tend to be on the heavy side. Then again I'm sure some people are just lazy and that's why they are fat. I know people like me that eat all the time and still tend to be on the slimmer side. Or there are people that are just lazy and don't want to eat and that may be why they are skinny. Everybody in the world is different, I know it very well being gay in today's society. Everybody lives their life the way they find most comfortable for them based on what s going on in their lives. It sounds like you have this pattern of complaining that seems to satisfy you in some way because you seem to do all the time in your videos. Maybe you find comfort in blaming your problems on other people, who knows. You talk all the time about how hard your life is and how you are sick all the time and how you can't do this or can't do that, you sound like the lazy one here. I mean you cant be that sick you manage to keep up your monthly blogs about how hard life is. You want to know something?... life is hard for everyone! Everyone has their own problems and they deal with them in their own way. Sorry for coming off as a jerk but try imagining your life in another country, think of all the people that all they know is hardship everyday of their lives but yet seem to be happy and find the good things out of life......just saying

Brian Underwood said...

I do not usually publish comments like yours, however I decided too. You have completely missed the point of that video.

As for me being lazy, dream on. As for me "complaining" this is a forum to help others understand themselves and their own suffering and that they are not alone.

As for me "not being that sick" because I can do a blog or video..well my mother watched tv and went to walmart when she was dying of cancer and my friend who is quadriplegic goes online all the time from his bed. They weren't sick either I guess.

People who tend to blame and get mad about what I say are usually hit my something inside that I spoke of. You can eat all you want and be thin..but I promise your insides are being damaged by it. The friend who is chunky is so because of excess calories. If they wish to be that way its fine by me, however if they are mystified as to why the answer is in the food.

The point of the video is about having a problem and not experimenting with it. To eat garbage and wonder why their blood sugar is out of range.

Like I said I usually don't publish comments like this...but for the thinkers out there..behold the common man..full of excuses and blame and a vile hatred for those that express themselves fully and speak the truth.