Friday, September 30, 2011

Ocular Migraine and Moving Back To FL eventually

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DaveyM said...

Dear Brian

I know you know what you had but I get them all the time --- mine are called scintillating scotoma -- I see the shimmering multicolored fortifications -- it's actually amazing to watch. Everything within the arc of the spreading scotoma shimmers like it is behind a thin sheet of clear gel. The first time it happens to anyone, it is a horrifying experience, BUT, but good psychiatrist who was a former Internist, told me what it was and that it's very common. He also told me not to believe what the internet articles say about the things that trigger it -- the triggers are different in every individual. Caffeine and prepared cold cuts with nitrates are obvious things, but in my case, I can't find a discernible trigger. I have spoken to my friend Sonia who is a physician and she has had them -- the first one she got she, like you, she thought she was having a stroke. I have gotten to the point where I just look at the thing as it arcs gradually out of my field of vision and then goes away -- about 10-12 minutes. The bad part is that about 1/3 of the time they come with a panic attack where my hands go numb -- the good part is that I do not get any subsequent migraine pain. The first one I ever had was when I was driving to work -- I thought somebody was shining a laser beam in my eye -- it didn't make sense -- the whole episode is a long story -- but now I sit back and I can see the zig zag lines that are perfectly aligned and the shimmering rainbow that looks like it's made of thousands of fiber-optic points. What helps me is to drink very cold water -- doctor suggested it and it def works to shorten the thing -- but I wouldn't worry about them except that they can make it hard for you to see where you are going while you drive so it's best to pull over. Sonia says it's weird how they she is hearing of more and more people having them just like there are more and more people who have that thing where they say wrong nonsense words like that news reporter who's video went viral several months ago. Maybe something in the food or water or air -- who knows. I know one thing for certain -- if I look at a large plasma TV and the show is in black and white, it starts to happen and I look away. The real ones can't be avoided. Once they start to happen they have to run their course -- but the cold water helps. I went outside in the yard to watch the last one and it was kind of creepy. I always think that maybe it's worse than I think but so far I have talked to 2 doctors who get them and 2 friends from school. That doesn't mean that you should just accept it, but unless you know the trigger, you will get others and they will come in clusters -- like 2 a month and then none for a year then 2 or 3 then nothing for 2 years. You did not respond to my Facebook message so if you prefer that I did not write to you, just tell me. I don't want to bother you. I just thought that knowing what I know about what you saw and experienced, maybe you would feel better hearing my angle on it.