Wednesday, August 26, 2009

AC Unit drama Update

At 5am this morning I woke up to my carpet still being wet. It was worse than I realized. When I moved the carpet there was a giant puddle under it.

So at 5am this morning I took apart my bed, and had to move the two computer desks, the large a/c unit and all the rest of my stuff out of my bedroom.

I then dragged a soaking wet heavy carpet and liner to the curb. My father came over and took it off the curb, since I couldn't just leave it there.

I was not ready for that much exercise and on lack of food it made the whole event worse. It took me 3 hours to empty the room and then put it back together. My heart was going so fast. It is now back down to 120. Hopefully it will return to normal soon. I get worried when I am that out of breath and it beating into the 160-180's that I am going to have a heart attack. Every time I stood up I felt light headed and kept drinking gatorade.

I asked my neighbor downstairs if her ceiling was OK. She was walking to the bus stop. She said she didn't notice anything, but would check when she got home. I really hope she doesn't get any brown spots on her ceiling.

I now have no carpet in my bedroom, just the old wooden floor that has been here since the 1940's.

If there is a devil, he really has it in for me this year.

On a positive note..the bedroom looks pretty decent without the carpet and at least now I can just sweep the floor.

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Rob said...

Ah well I guess you can ignore my other comment about the towels. Hopefully there is no damage, but if the carpet acted like a sponge for the water then likely the wood floor just got a little wet - It's a good thing you got the carpet out of there as soon as you did. Hopefully there's no spot on the ceiling in the room below and since she didn't notice anything yet, if there is it can't be much of a spot.