Monday, December 8, 2008

Justin TV Update

I have set my room from 18+ to general (I am trying it out and seeing how it goes). So now I will be listed on the channel listing page. I have had to ban some words since now it is a "family friendly" chat. I am sure as time goes on I will see more words that I need to add to the banned list.

I am also going to have to give some people moderator status since I am not in that room 24/7. I don't want the moderators to perm ban anyone just give them 10 min time outs. If someone is causing a major issue email me on with their screen name and what they said and I will add them to the ban list.

Because now everyone can see when I am online expect to see some hateful comments directed at me or the room. I have been doing stuff on the internet for years so believe me it does not bother me in the least. Don't let immature people bother you either. If you click on their name there is an ignore button and you will never see anything they type again. It is that easy :-) Try not to engage them in a fight it only will feed the troll. :-)

For people who are reading this blog and have no idea what I am talking about. My address where I lifecast is

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