Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moms Liver Surgery Canceled

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brian,

After listening to a few of your videos, I've surmised you are in pain which in turn is expressed as a depression that most understand at some level.
Pain is a personal experience, so it won't be people on the outside trying to guess, sharing knowledge, from where it stems, doctors included, though everyone trying, means well - it will be you trying different things, your experiences that will alleviate your pain. The quest is yours to make. With intention you will discover the answer but your actions must be purposeful in ridding yourself of the pain, rather than exacerbating it.

Also, we are what we consume, all that we experience. This includes all of your life up to this point, with some experiences you are holding onto tighter than others. These negative perceptions that people don’t let go of, literally kill the spirit and in time, the physical body degrades to nothingness. Personal consummation includes - food, drugs, toxins in air etc, words, music, anything and everything in the physical realm affects our physical pain - anything incoming, is expressed through our actions, be it joy or pain.

Obviously pain holds back an individual from truly experiencing and knowing life. Brian, I've no doubt when you make “living” your purpose, your pain will disappear. It's up to you. With all sincerity, cj

a few links that might aid your quest.

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Reality of Sensory World (PART 3 of 3)

Video follow up, aids solidification refers to 3 previous
– discovery of purpose.

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