Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A line in the sand

I posted the following on my facebook page this morning:

"I am no longer going to apologize for who I am or what I believe. I am not going to water myself down or find some middle ground that I do not agree with to appease people. I don't have to explain myself. If you have a problem with my beliefs or feel the need to debate me, do me and you a giant favor and delete me or I will eventually be deleting you. I am not here to agree with you or be debated."

When I see someone post something I don't agree with I do not feel the need to jump right over to their page and attack it, email them complaining, belittling their post, talk down to them, treat them child like or like they are "silly", try to demean them or demand an explanation as to why they believe it. I just ignore it.... whats it to me what they post? So, if I can do that I expect the same respect. I rather not wake up in the morning having to delete comments, worry if I post something I will have to face some backlash or feel the need to answer emails. Not only does that go for facebook, but for comments here as well. You just will not be approved. I am thinking my future Youtube videos will not even allow commenting.

This has been going on since I spoke up about what Xanax did to my body and life. It reached a tipping point when I started posting anti-TSA posts and my objection to the body scanners and aggressive pat downs where the TSA is putting their hands down peoples pants.

The statement "If you don't like it don't fly!!" is their mantra and other such repeating of things that comes out of the TV mostly. The snarky comments. The attitude that people should just submit and the need to be "safe". Yet, none of those people can tell you how the scanners work, what security theater is, what the 4th Amendment is. Soon the mantra will be "If you don't like it don't take the train, bus, go to the store, go to the concert etc."

Growing up hearing about the NAZI's I often wondered why people didn't say "No" or "This is not acceptable treatment". Later it was well understood by me the camps did not go up overnight. After all the Jewish people (as one friend pointed out to me) only had to wear the yellow star of David at first. So what is their problem? Why protest? After all just wear your stupid star...what is the big deal?

This kind of thing is slowly put in place. After all the United States already did warrantless domestic wiretaps and has secret jails, secret courts and waterboards people...but, hey, it didn't affect anyone you knew right? So it continued. The TSA body scanners are out in the open, so more wake up and say "Hey, no way." granted a smaller amount than the people who like sheep just go along with it saying nothing, trusting, asking nothing, submitting. To them for safety they will fall to the ground for the state. "Anything you want. I just want to be safe!!". Mean while no rational thinking is taking place.

1) The body scanners can not see inside your rectum or vagina. So you can still stuff stuff up there.

2) Plastic explosives were already detectable by having people walk through the chemical detection machine that puffed you with air.

3) Guns and knifes etc. could already be found with the metal detection system.

4) The TSA according to their own studies can barely catch half of the stuff that goes through by their own admission. To date the TSA has never stopped a terrorist.

5) While the radiation level is a small dose the radiation is not dispersed like a normal xray and is focused on the surface of the skin. Several doctors have said by the sheer number of people passing through it raises the risk of skin cancer, also don't forget business men have to travel and can end up passing through the machines several times. Radiation effects are cumulative. There are no studies on this type of focused radiation.

6) Unlike hospital equipment to date these machines are not checked to ensure that the radiation levels remain a constant and are not higher than stated.

7) Up till recently pilots had to pass through the machines. The very people who can just fly the plane into the ground. Why? Because this is not about keeping you safe. This is about training you to submit. To be a good little slave.

That is just some of many things to think about.

However, the population must submit!! How will that be done if too many people get loud? What if too many people say "No."?

1) An airport without a body scanner will have a "terrorist" board a plane and some event will happen. This will scare the masses and people will say "Yes, yes scan us." Most of the things mainstream media shows you and the things you are scared of are nothing, but PsyOp operations. Don't believe me? Well look into it. The flashy headline hits. Fear comes and then weeks, months later a small article about how it never happened or happened a lot differently than was reported is published. Lets take the underwear bomber. The reason we must all be scanned and submit to be "safe". 1) This event did not take place in our country. 2) The man had no passport and 3) He was escorted on the plane by officials reported by multiple passengers. What you heard was "Man boards plane with underwear bomb and we need to tighten security." Why was he escorted on to that plane? More important who escorted him on? Why was he allowed on without a passport?

2) A body scanner will catch a "terrorist" and then they will be quickly rolled out to all airports. All descent will be shouted down by the masses so they can remain "safe".


So back to the NAZIs and the people who did and said nothing. That is what in part prompted me to make my facebook statement. At some point in your life you will have to draw a line in the sand and stand for your convictions and what you know is right. In my mind the people who make fun of the people in this country standing up to say "No. This is not acceptable." "No you will not herd me around I am an American." Are no better than the NAZIs. Would I sit around debating NAZI sympathizers? Would I debate or listen to or put up with a NAZI? No. So why should I now?

No one has ever forced you to read what I write and no one forces you to believe me. You all have free will. I am like the radio. Don't like the song change the channel, but do not expect me to listen to your same boring song over and over. I will not justify myself because I would never justify myself to the NAZIs.

Also don't be surprised next will come the biometric scanning, iris scans, RFID implantable chips. I will also not allow that for myself. I will not as an American accept these measures in a free society. Forget even being American. I will not impose these measures upon myself as a human being.

For those of you who think maybe I have a point, maybe you agree, maybe you aren't sure? Surely it won't spread too far from the airports? I have a video for you.

Remember you are the terrorist.

"He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security." Benjamin Franklin


Anonymous said...

hey Brian great site, I have been spreading links to it all over
have you ever studied Rik Clay
I think this guy may have been on to something

Diamlake said...

Thank you Brian for your thoughts. The problems are already directed in the path you see in your column. This is not a partisan issue because there are only two parties and both are owned by our enemies. When we try to find a third party, they too, will be infiltrated if they are not already infiltrated now.
I would not bother you with my post if what you say is not meaningful. We all need to be able to at least say and agree with the truth of the matter. This is a scientific tyranny rearing its' ugly head with no intention of freedom existing on any level of humanity. I think this might be the consequence of America having brought into our society the Nazi war criminals that experimented on the prisoners of their regime be they men, women or children. This is what we see now and each TSA agent will swear they are only following orders. History does repeat itself and America is not immune to ignorance, tyranny, cruelty, and insane lust for powers on every level of society.

darlene said...

Hi Brian, thanks for being on our side. I just sent your vid to a friend, who has been doubting me about the NWO, but lately, has been listening to me more.
thanks for getting that vid out about the sporting events, he really doesn't believe that, now he will.