Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MSG, Anxiety and Benzo Withdrawal

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Anonymous said...

Ok. Watched all 4 videos. I gotta say you are SO well informed on this subject you could give lectures on it, honestly! Bravo for doing so much homework. The average person does not.

You know- i don't know if you watch Bill Maher but he talks alot about how the food they manufacture nowdays makes us sick & how the food industry & pharmaceutical companies are possibly "in bed" together for the purpose of making people sick, keeping them that way so they have to use their drugs, etc. etc. So- you hit the nail on the head there.

Gary and i try to avoid msg when we can- but we do indulge once in a while in some of the naughty foods. He is more sodium sensative than i am so alot of times that will affect him more so than actually just msg. But they are both just as bad.

Now- i will say i do knowingly eat stuff that has msg in it- but i try to keep it to a limit. Once in a while we will totally kill a bag of Lays Sour Cream and Cheddar Chips. SO yummy- SO bad for us LOL. But we call them "Orange Evils" appropriately.
But i always keep around the house snacks without msg. Triscuits (plain with no flavoring) & Tostito's Restaurant style Chips. Those only have like 3-4 ingredients listed- not a laundry list of chemicals. Tostito's= Corn, Oil, salt- PERIOD! Same with Triscuits only Wheat instead of corn. And i find them both quite yummy just on their own- or sometimes with cheese or salsa.

So at least i know when i am eating something i should not be- i am fully aware of it. Alot of people are not. I think it was after my hospital stay that i finally started to read labels. Amounts of saturated fat and sodium being my 2 main ones to look at. I try to keep a balance. I can eat "naughty" but not all the time.

Now i'm rambling a bit sorry. But thank you for making these videos that could possibly help at least one person if not many. I suppose i will skip my Ramen for lunch and maybe have a tuna salad sandwich instead LOL.

Cheers, Bri.